Macaroni in a double boiler: a complete failure or a shocking success?

The most experienced housewives of the world already know that,that you can easily cook delicious and healthy dishes every day! For this they do not use any magic spells. It is enough to buy one of the models of steamers in the kitchen (wide assortment allows you to pick up a technique for your taste and purse).

However, it is not always necessary for a steamer to run inscore. If you like to cook for a couple, but do not do it as often as, for example, your mother or neighbor - make a steamer yourself. Many of us probably remember the Soviet version of the steamer: a large saucepan with water, an iron plate with holes, top cover. All. No need to try to invent a bicycle again.

Macaroni like everything. Even those who have long and firmly sits on a diet. Fortunately, now even the most cautious can buy macaroni from durum wheat in the supermarket and not worry about utility and diet.

Pasta in a double boiler - something completely new,yet not fully tested. Many people, most likely, still do not even suspect how to cook macaroni in a double boiler. However, it is very simple and does not require the hostess too much effort.

To make pasta you will need: the macaroni itself (these can be horns, shells, springs, spirals, etc.), vegetable oil, salt. And a steamer.

It must be acknowledged that the producers of steamers strongly do not recommend cooking steamed pasta, some cereals, legumes.

Note that if the pasta fromsoft wheat varieties - they, with a probability of 99 percent, will dissolve in a double boiler and will stick together. Take care that households do not stay without dinner - look for more solid varieties (this is always said on the packaging of pasta). Also for cooking the most correct choice will be macaroni in large sizes, which will not turn macaroni into one solid mass.

So, how to cook pasta in a double boiler. Pour a sufficient amount of water into the bottom of the steamer. The macaroni are cooked in a special bowl for rice. Fill them with water in a bowl so that the water is more by a centimeter or two. Then add oil and salt immediately.

Do not forget to cover the steamer with a lid. Prepare macaroni in a steamer for about 18 to 22 minutes.

Experienced housewives strongly advised to washpasta. Yes, if they are from solid varieties of wheat, then during normal cooking they do not require washing, but in spite of this, it is better to wash out again and get rid of excess starch.

You can serve pasta on a table with cheese, herbs, ketchup. There are a lot of ways of feeding macaroni, and they are all quite interesting and informative.

Of course, there are several recipes on how to cook pasta in a steamer. If we have already described the cooking technology, it is worthwhile to dwell in more detail on additional details.

For example, one and the recipes is called "Macaroni in sour cream sauce with spinach." Do you already know that spinach is a storehouse of useful substances?

So, it's very simple: boil the pasta for a couple, rinse and cut the spinach, spassirovat it a couple of minutes in oil, add spinach to sour cream, pepper and salt. Pasta is sent to the saucepan, everything is mixed, served to happy residents and guests of the house.

According to another recipe, pasta in a steamer can becook with chicken. To do this, it is better to boil the meat beforehand (but not to the full preparedness), cut into small pieces, boil together with pasta and seasonings.

In dishes with pasta, you can add all sorts of cheese, a variety of greens, garlic, add any spices and seasonings. As an ornament, tomato or sweet pepper may be useful.

Yes, you can not cook pasta in a double boiler. But do not the rules exist to violate them? Enjoy your meal!

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