Potatoes baked with mushrooms and bacon

The best recipes for the preparation of traditional and all-favorite potatoes.

Potatoes baked with mushrooms and tomatoes

Products for the preparation:

Potatoes - about 1.2 kg;

Pepper spicy - to taste;

Olive oil;

Champignons - 300 g;

Cherry tomatoes - 8-9 pieces;

Onion - a couple of pieces;

Garlic - 2-3 wedges;


Spices, salt

First, peel the potatoes and cut them.brusochkami. Then add to it hot pepper and mix everything. Then, heat olive oil in a frying pan and fry the potatoes on high heat until half cooked. After that, put the potatoes in a baking dish. In the oil, where the potatoes were fried, fry the garlic, chopped onions and mushrooms. Tomatoes cut in half and add them to a skillet with mushrooms and onions. Then add salt, season with spices and add greens. After that, shift the vegetables to the potatoes in a mold and place in the oven for 23 minutes, bake at 190 degrees. Potatoes baked with mushrooms are ready!

Baked potatoes with bacon and carrots


Bacon - 220 g;

Potatoes - 1.3 kg;

Onion - a couple of pieces;

Carrots - a couple of pieces;

Vegetable oil;

Apple vinegar - 3-4 tablespoons of spoon;

Pepper, salt, spices

Initially, we clean and cut the pieces of carrots andpotatoes. Then rinse the potatoes off the starch in cold water, and it is best to leave it preliminarily for a while in the water to stand. Cut the onion rings and pour apple vinegar for a couple of minutes. Then you need to drain the vinegar. Potatoes mix thoroughly with carrots and onions, if desired, you can add chopped finely fennel or some spices. Add pepper, salt, paprika and mix everything very well. Now put all the vegetables in a baking dish. Top with bacon and place the form in the oven. Bake at 210 degrees. After 20 minutes, close the vegetables with a lid or cover with foil. And leave to bake for another 18 minutes. When the potatoes are completely ready, you can take the dish out of the oven. It turns out very tasty and nutritious!

Baked potatoes with bacon in sour cream

Ingredients for cooking:

Bacon - 1 kg;

Mustard, salt, paprika, pepper;

Sour cream - 200 ml;

Potatoes - about 1.2 kg

First you need to prepare the bacon. To do this, it should be cut into small slices and pour sour cream and mustard. Now peel the potatoes, rinse them and cut them into thin slices to make it ready. To it it is necessary to add paprika, salt. Then peel and cut the onions. To vegetables mixed well with the specials you need to put them in a bag, then tightly tie it, puff, shake the contents well. After that, we proceed to putting all the ingredients on the baking sheet.

At the bottom of the mold, we lay some vegetables in spices, thenevenly spread a layer of bacon, then again a layer of vegetables. Place the form in a preheated oven for 46 minutes. We bake at 200 degrees. Potatoes baked with bacon is ready! This dish will be an excellent decoration of any festive table.

Potatoes baked with mushrooms in sour cream sauce

Thanks to the delicious taste of sour cream sauce, the dish turns out to be very delicate, tasty and fragrant. Products for cooking:

Potatoes - about 0.6 kg;

Mushrooms (can be used white) - 650 g;

Onions are a few pieces;

Vegetable oil;

Fat - a couple tablespoons of spoon;

Cheese - 270 g;

Salt, condiments

To prepare sour cream sauce:

Sour cream - 270 g;

Flour - 1 table spoon;

Butter - about 20 g;

Salt, spices

First we prepare the sauce for potatoes. To do this, bring the cream to a boil. Propagate the flour and add to the sour cream. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and boil for a few minutes. Delicious sour cream sauce is ready.

Now it is necessary to cut into cubes potatoes andboil. Then put it in a frying pan greased. chop mushrooms and fry with finely chopped onions. Pour the sour cream sauce to them and pour the resulting potatoes. Then sprinkle with cheese and bake for about 26 minutes in the oven at 190 degrees. Potatoes baked with mushrooms in sour cream sauce is ready!

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