The best recipes for second courses with mushrooms

Agree, it is difficult to imagine a person whowould not have liked the second dishes with mushrooms. Recipes of these delicacies are very diverse. Champignons, chanterelles, white, mushrooms, oyster mushrooms - these and other varieties are most often used in cooking hot dishes. Especially convenient recipes for second courses with mushrooms with a photo. After all, sometimes these pictures increase appetite and cause an irresistible desire to quickly try what you saw. But how to choose the best among the variety of recipes for second courses with mushrooms? The answer is simple: in this article we have collected several methods of preparation, which are checked not by one mistress. You really like them!

Preparation of mushrooms

second courses with mushrooms recipes
Recipes of second courses with the use of theseingredients mean their additional processing. Since in this article we will talk about forest mushrooms and champignons, in this section we will briefly consider the process of their preparation for further use.

Champignons before adding to the dish are enoughjust rinse under running water and lightly brush the foot. In some cases, it can be removed altogether. Forest mushrooms are also thoroughly washed, cleaned and for a few minutes soaked in salted water or in a weak solution of vinegar. Then it is washed and used during the preparation.

Recipes of second courses with mushrooms (champignons)

recipes with champignons mushrooms
Since they are all-season, pleaseyou can almost daily eat fragrant dishes. Mushroom pies, casseroles, goulash, fried potatoes - this list can be continued indefinitely, but the julien is considered the best recipe.

For its preparation you will need champignons,chicken breast, onion, salt, black pepper, cream, cheese and a little flour. If desired, you can prepare it in sand tartlets or in special molds. First you need to fry mushrooms with chicken breast and onions. Salt and pepper, then add a little flour and continue to fry. At the end, add cream, cook until thick, sprinkle with cheese and send to the oven until a ruddy crust appears.

It is customary to combine mushrooms and potatoes. But how to diversify the supply of such a dish? Simply cook the mashed potatoes, spread out on plate plates in the form of nests, into which it is necessary to lay fried champignons with onions, sprinkle with greens and serve to guests.

Recipes of second courses with forest mushrooms

recipes with forest mushrooms
Truly delicious will be a roast based onveal, potatoes and chanterelles. Preparation of this dish must begin with roasting the meat in butter. Once the veal is ready, it will have to be put aside for a while, and in butter and meat juice, pass onions and chanterelles with the addition of white wine. In the baking dish, meat is laid out, large pieces of potatoes and mushrooms with onions in sauce. In the oven, this dish is prepared for at least an hour, and served with fresh herbs.

There is also a less calorie recipe for the seconddishes with mushrooms. For its preparation, it is necessary to clean the courgettes in such a way that they take the form of a boat. In the cavity fried forest mushrooms with onion and tomatoes are laid, everything is sprinkled with cheese on top and baked in the oven until ready.

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