Known or unknown Nazarov. Origin of the name and famous namesake

Any surname has its origin. This is either a residence, or occupation, or the name or nickname of a distant ancestor in the male line. At 258th place in the prevalence is Nazarov. The origin of the surname has several theories, consider them.

Where did the name come from?

According to one of the theories, the origin of Nazarov's surnamefrom the Jewish masculine name Nazar. The head of the family - the father or grandfather - wore this name at the time of assigning the family name. In translation means the name "detached", "abstinent". Representatives of the Jewish community can often find this name.

The name of Nazar is also in the Tatars, only it is translatedas "rising at the dawn", "getting up very early." Initially, it was the nickname of a man who grew into a name that we already know. Well, after a while the name Nazarov appeared. Origin of the surname:

"Who's this coming to us?"

- Nazarov. (The answer implies that Nazar's son is coming in. The same is the principle of the emergence of all nominal names).

The very same name is very common. 50% of the people who wear it are Russian, about 5% are Ukrainian and 10 are Belarusian. 5% of the bearers of the surname are Bulgarians or Serbs. The remaining 30% are representatives of small ethnic groups - Bashkirs, Buryats, Tatars, Mordvins, etc.

Nazars the origin of the surname

A lot of Kuban Cossacks are today Nazarov's surname.

Religious theory

If approached from a religious point of view, thenNazarov's name and origin derived from the martyr Nazarii (translated as "dedicated to God"). This holy Christian preached faith in the One God during the reign of Nero. For his sermons was sentenced to martyrdom through the tearing of animals, but predators did not touch Nazarii. Then the order came to drown him in the sea, but he just walked on the water. Roman legionaries who saw such miracles were so impressed that they accepted Christianity.

the origin of Nazar's surname

In honor of Saint Nazarius, the city of Nazareth was named. According to biblical legends, and Jesus was the bearer of the Nazarov family. The meaning of the surname in this case is the one born in Nazareth.

How do Nazarovs see other people

Most often these are laconic people. They tend to be modest, but open. Love of life beats them with a fountain. Having set a goal, a person wearing this name shows miracles of activity in order to achieve it. Lucky for life, in personal relationships, they are passionate and sensual.

Given all the qualities listed above, people with the Nazarov name, the origin of the surname and its significance, it is not surprising that among them there are so many creative personalities.

name of Nazars origin and meaning

Famous people

In Russia, the first namesake are found in the records16-17 centuries. These were important persons of the Murom clergy. During the reign of Ivan IV the Terrible there was a register of respected names. They were presented to citizens as a reward. Nazarov also refers to them, the origin of the surname is unique for Russians.

One of the representatives - Elizvoy Semenovich, yearborn 1747. Although born in a family of serfs, he became a famous architect of the era of classicism. Of the famous buildings that he built, - the Institute. Sklifosovsky (then it was called the House of Strangers), the temple of the descent of the Holy Spirit at the Lazarevsky cemetery (Moscow) and the construction of the church in honor of the Sign of Our Lady in 1791 (the so-called Znamensky temple) instead of the dilapidated. By the way, the architect himself is buried in the Lazarevsky cemetery, next to his "brainchild".

Nazarov the meaning of the name

Nazarov Yuri was born on May 5, 1937. He received the title of People's Artist of Russia. He starred in more than 150 films, including A. Tarkovsky in the film "Andrei Rublev."

Another actor who is now enoughknown - Dmitry Y. Nazarov. Although he is more known to many as the leading TV show "Culinary Duel" and the actor who played the chef in the television series "Kitchen". But very few people know that he participated in the voice acting of cartoons, for example, "Duck stories".

Gennady Nazarov is another actor of theater and cinema. Acted in such serials as "Truckers" and "Taxi Driver". All his roles turn out to be funny and mischievous, although the actor himself believes that he lacks a sense of humor. And few people realize that this actor has serious problems with the kidneys.

Everyone loves the cartoon "Winnie the Pooh", but very few people know that the production designer of this cartoon is Eduard Nazarov. The same name is the director of the television series "Do not be born beautiful."

People with the Nazarov name are known, heroicallywho gave their lives for their country. One of them was Hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Aleksandrovich Nazarov - in the rank of junior lieutenant, he became a platoon commander and blew himself up with a grenade along with the tank, thereby paying for the victory of the platoon in battle.

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