How to peel a sheepskin coat

When winter is on the threshold, many peopleremember their favorite sheepskins, how beautiful they are, comfortable and perfectly warmed in the cold. But if your clothes are covered with spots in some places, the paint has come off in some places and the view as a whole is not well-groomed, a legitimate question arises: how to clean the sheepskin coat at home, because dry cleaning is an expensive pleasure. In addition, it is not uncommon for cases when cleaning was damaged during cleaning. Fearing for his wallet and not hoping for the skill of dry-cleaning workers, owners of sheepskin coats decide to deal with the problem independently. More information about the methods of cleaning is outlined in the article.

How to peel a sheepskin coat from a skin

Before you clean the sheepskin coat, you need itfree from dust, for which you can use a vacuum cleaner and a brush-attachment. Remove the sheepskin coat with a stiff brush and then moisten with a soft brush in a soap solution and walk on clothes. Salt can not be sprinkled with sheepskin, otherwise it can be spoiled. Fresh stains are easily removed by starch or semolina, which absorb moisture and fat, while not harming your sheepskin coat.

As cleaning agents it is better to chooseprofessional creams and sprays. So, to restore the faded paint, you can buy it in the store and paint the sheepskin coat yourself. Before painting, clothes should be cleaned and carefully studied the instructions for the purchased paint.

But, how to clean the sheepskin coat, if it is coveredold spots? For this purpose, gauze soaked in kerosene is suitable. However, this method is not suitable for all products. Therefore, in order not to harm the skin of the sheepskin coat, first you should try it on its inner part. Stains can be removed using a crust of white dry bread or an eraser soaked in kerosene. Clothes are cleaned with dental powder or ammonia, using a hard brush as a tool. She needs to walk around the area of ​​sleeves, collar and pockets to clean the greasy areas. Instead of tooth powder for cleaning, baby powder or talc is suitable.

If the sheepskin coat is varnished, it can be cleaned withusing a wet wipe. Regardless of the material, any sheepskin is recommended to be treated with steam. This contributes to the destruction of insect pests and serves to prevent their occurrence. At home, when cleaning, you can use a brush with natural nap, for the inner surface of the sheepskin coat, a brush for fluff will do.

How to clean a sheepskin coat from suede

Sheepskin coats are not as durable asleather, and the material is delicate for caring for it. Nevertheless, how to clean the sheepskin coat from suede, there are practical tips. For its processing, use a rigid, brass or rubber brush or sandpaper. Go through the problematic fatty spots with sackcloth soaked in gasoline.

To whiten all the sheepskin coat or her patch betteruse the solution, for which you take one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia and a glass of water. The resulting composition to process sheepskin coats from suede.

If a thing is very dirty, how to clean itsheepskin coat, the next advice will tell. It will require warm water with ammonia in a ratio of one to four. You should also prepare a soap solution, to which ammonia is added. After finishing the sheepskin coat with both compounds, it should be washed with cold water and hung on the shoulders to the open air to dry. There is another option, how to clean the sheepskin coat and achieve the desired result, without fear of harming capricious material. For this purpose, a spoonful of soda and milk are used that are combined in a glass. Then with the received structure to moisten a cotton swab and to wipe a surface of a sheepskin coat. After the process, the sheepskin coat should be washed with water and vinegar and dried.

Cleaning the sheepskin coat is not so difficult as it seems at first. Having studied the suggested tips, you can independently restore the appearance of your favorite clothes at home.

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