What are the mice afraid of, or How to get rid of them?

The pressing problem of large (and not only) citiesare various types of pests, among them - rats and mice. Their numbers are growing every day. And many people ask questions about what the mouse is afraid and how to get rid of them.

what are the mice afraid of
Constant struggle with rodents forced themevery day to fight for survival. As a result, they had to look for new ways of existence. Over the years, mice have become accustomed to certain drugs that have been used repeatedly to combat them.

Today's ways to fight mice (variouspoisons, mechanical traps, poison) rarely bear fruit. The use of chemicals is unsafe for humans and domestic animals. There are often cases when rodents, eating poison and lying off for a while, continued to raid apartments and houses.

The ingenuity of rodents has been observed many timesmany. Delivered mousetraps could stand for more than a week, and did not work. At the same time, every day it was necessary to update the bait by hanging a new piece of cheese on the hook.

On the question of what the mouse is afraid of, one can giveseveral answers. But a really effective way to deal with them is to use ultrasonic repellers. This method is based on the use of high frequency sound. The human ear can not perceive it; He is beyond the upper limit of the range of sound waves that a person hears.

what grass are afraid of mouse
In order to achieve the result, using an ultrasonic repeller, the following conditions must be met:

  • the repeller should work as quietly as possible, it's better to be quiet;
  • it is necessary to correctly install the device in a room or a room. The point is that ultrasound does not penetrate the walls well. The way out of this situation is to place the instruments in several adjacent rooms.

Using this kind of device, you needremember that some machines do not have an automatic frequency change, what the mouse is afraid of, and after a short time rodents will get used to the sound being released. But in most cases, mice can not stand the long stimulus and leave.

But no matter how effective the above-describedway, not everyone can afford such a device because of its high cost. Therefore, people begin to look for other methods of struggle, the simplest of which are folk remedies.

what plants are afraid of mice
In search of ways to control pests oftenquestions arise about which natural substances can be used and which plants are afraid of the mouse? A good and effective remedy can be an ordinary burdock. Apply it in the following way: the cones of this plant are lined with the floor in the pantry or the room where the stores are stored. Mice do not try to penetrate there, as its tenacious fruits dig into the skin.

As an answer to the question of what kind of herbsafraid of mice, special literature often offers wormwood. Due to its odor, this plant scares off mice well. Fresh shoots of this herb are laid out indoors, and after a short time the mice leave.

Thus, in the fight against rodents all methods are good. This can be as the latest means of technology, and effective people's ways. In a word - use what the mouse is afraid!

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