Ironing board-chest of drawers - multifunctional furniture to help the owner

ironing board chest of drawers

The life of the modern housewife is filled with setuseful devices that facilitate her daily housework. This applies not only to household appliances, but also to functionally thought-out furniture. It is very convenient to use the ironing board-chest, it combines two objects (dimensions: width - seventy-five, depth-thirty-five, height-eighty-five centimeters). The mobile curbstone on the wheels has four laundry baskets: two small, one large and one high, designed for things not yet ironed. The working surface is foldable, its area is one hundred and seventeen by thirty-five centimeters. Made an ironing board-chest Qinstin (made in Indonesia) made of natural wood with rattan. The furniture is very comfortable, it is the dream of any mistress. Everything is at hand here. You can order it through a dedicated website. Delivered this miracle in assembled form.

ironing board chest of drawers reviews

Models are different, can varynumber of drawers for laundry. The design of the working surface allows it to be enlarged by two folding planes located on the sides of the cabinet. There is a special stand for iron. The design is designed so that the furniture fits into the interior of the apartment and becomes its integral part.

Comfort, which has ironingboard-chest of drawers, is also in the presence of a removable cover for the working surface. It is easy to change, wash. Such multifunctional devices are produced by both foreign and domestic manufacturers from different materials. For example, laundry baskets can be made of plastic or woven. There are options equipped instead of boxes with wooden shelves.

ironing board chest of drawers qinstin

To determine how suitable for youan ironing board-chest of drawers, reviews of the subject are worth exploring carefully. Most buyers are satisfied with their purchase. They like that now there is no need to look for a place where to put a board for ironing and where to put laundry after washing. It is enough simply to throw away the lid of the dresser and raise the work surface.

Almost all models in assembled formremind a usual bedside table and differ compactness. Not only the ironing board is used, the chest of drawers in some modifications is equipped with folding shelves, which are adapted for storing iron and ironed laundry. Manufacturers offer to choose the color of furniture to your taste: walnut, wenge, white, natural beech. Made in Italy model LoStiro, among other things, has a special stand for ironing the sleeves of clothing, a metal laundry basket, three shelves and a spare cover. In assembled form it is a cantilevered cabinet with dimensions: height - 89, length - 55, width - 38 centimeters. In the set are supplied floor hangers, which can be immediately hung after clothes to put on clothes from strongly wrinkled fabrics. The working surface, which is equipped with an ironing board-chest of drawers, is made of perforated plywood. On the shelf, adapted for the iron, there is a removable mat of heat-resistant rubber.

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