Electric lawn mower: reviews and feasibility of use

In recent years, even near domestic homesthere are neat and extremely beautiful lawns, care for which tenants indulged in on the weekend. To give them the right shape, you can not do without a good lawnmower. The problem here is that not one hundred models are on the market.

lawn mower electric reviews
For example, an electric lawn mower: reviews about it are so contradictory that it is not so easy to create one's own impression. And in fact, who can be trusted here: enthusiastic fans or incorrigible opponents of power tools?

Advantages of electric lawn mowers

In order not to focus only on reviews,it is necessary at least approximately to know the "material part". So, what are the advantages of a lawn mower electric, whose reviews are so versatile?

First, these tools are very affordable. If you do not belong to the number of fans of weightlifting, this circumstance will surely be important for you.

In addition, the operation of the power tool itselfon its own assumes that you will not need to run around the site with a gasoline canister, you do not have to fiddle with oil and fuel, measuring out the most optimal ratio. It is with all the above circumstances that positive reviews are associated about their use.

lawn mowers electric bosch

A bit about maintenance

If you have ever dealt with gasolinetool, you perfectly imagine the "charms" of his service. Just washing the carburettor, which is not uncommon in conditions of the quality of our fuel, can for a long time repel the craving for the purchase of similar equipment. And the cost of the work of various service centers does not at all have the potential to save the family budget.

And what about the electric mower? The feedback from grateful users clearly show that with providing an extension cord of normal quality and observing the elementary rules of operation, it can work for years without needing repair.

Some shortcomings

But what about those reviews in which people do not stint on juicy epithets, expressing their dissatisfaction with the purchase of this technique? Well, a negative opinion also has its reasons.

First, we have already talked about an extension cord. The first one that comes here will not work: if it does not match the power of the mower, you can not only burn all the wiring in the house, but also arrange a fire in it. This problem is partially handled by Bosch electric lawn mowers, among which are already full of battery models.

lawn mowers electric trim tabs
They solve another problem, which alsois the source of many negative reviews: not all gardeners like to drag on a site of a dozen or two meters of cable, which weighs very much even a lot.


So, what do we have as a result? Simply speaking, lawn mowers, electric trimmers are the perfect tool for beginners, as well as for people who do not need to cut several acres of lawns daily.

They are very simple and effective, and a negative opinion about such tools was formed only because they are not used in the mode of work for which they were designed.

Thus, the electric lawn mower, which can be very controversial, is a very good purchase.

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