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Works with large masses of concrete mixesprovide for the use of an appropriate sealing tool. The most effective means of achieving optimum characteristics of the mortar to be laid is the vibrating effect. This effect is provided in many ways. One of the most affordable and at the same time effective tools of this type is an electric screed, which is used in professional construction and in private facilities.

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General information about vibrating racks

The unit has a simple device thatIt allows high-quality alignment and consolidation of concrete and asphalt mixtures. At the heart of each vibrating wheel is an engine, which carries out oscillatory actions. First of all, the vibration is transmitted to the slats, and from them the waves diverge throughout the solution. Beams are usually made of metal and directly in contact with the oscillating mechanism. Correctly selected screed electric allows not only to increase the quality characteristics of the building mix, but also to reduce the thickness of the original layer due to the release of air as a result of compaction. At the same time in the market there are models of vibration vibrators with different technical qualities.

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Basic Selection Parameters

One of the key characteristics is the length of the bars. As a rule, slats have length from 2 to 6 m. Also there are sliding designs with adjustable length. The choice for this indicator depends entirely on the amount of work. So, for a large site it is unprofitable to purchase a two-meter model, and a small platform can be completely sealed with short guides. The next important criterion of choice is the presence of the vibration vibration adjustment function. Virtually any electric screed in the modern version provides the ability to adjust the frequency of oscillations. If the first characteristic refers to the area of ​​the working surface, then in this case it is necessary to focus on the composition of the mixture. The harder it is and the denser, the stronger the vibrating effect. The function of adjusting the intensity of the rails makes the tool universal. The same applies to models that are adjustable in length. Such racks are called telescopic racks. In combination with a tunable frequency of vibrations, such equipment can be suitable for almost any sealing task.

Variants of constructions

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In addition to the variety of sizes of vibrating wheels, it is importantnote and the fundamental differences in structural design. There are two main types of such constructions - floating and sectional. The first version is an improved version of the classic sealing strip, control of which was carried out by mechanical direction in different directions on the working surface. In modern models, the floating screed vibrator is equipped with ergonomic profiles, which can be handled by one worker. The structure moves along the serviced site, performing simultaneous consolidation and smoothing of the mixture. Sectional models operate on the same principle, but they are distinguished by higher power and, most importantly, the ability to connect additional racks. That is, in terms of performance, such units are much more efficient, so they are often used in large-scale construction projects.

Petrol or electric?

Vibrating rails differ in typedrive system. On the market, two options for power support are available: petrol and electric engines. Both types of drive have their advantages and disadvantages, which manifest themselves depending on the conditions of application of the technology. But for starters it is worth noting the works in which it is appropriate to use both hand screeds. Electric and gasoline models are equally suitable for small amounts of work in open areas. In this case, the internal combustion engine can be used because of the exhaust directly into the air, and not in the room, and the electric motor as such is always advisable to use for small operations.

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Now it is worthwhile to consider the differences indata aggregates. Models on electricity are more convenient from the point of view of management, so they should be chosen for beginners in construction. At the same time for working with large areas, the best choice is still a gasoline screed. The electric machine will theoretically cope with a large volume, but this will take a lot of time and additional effort on the part of the user.

Reviews of manufacturers

A rare case when the leadership position in the segmentconstruction equipment is domestic products. Under the brand name "Red Lighthouse" models of different sizes are produced, petrol and electric. As the users note, the designs of this brand are distinguished by their durability, maneuverability and user-friendliness. Another Russian manufacturer, which has a well-established reputation in this niche, is Narvin. In this case, an industrial electric shaker is offered, the price of which is about 20 thousand rubles. There are also models with a lower price tag, which are designed for typical construction tasks, but this is not the strongest part of the Narvin product range. If you need an inexpensive version of the primary class, it is better to contact the foreign brand Zitrek.


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In order to save money, many construction brigadesstill practice mechanical methods of compaction of cement and concrete solutions. This alternative eliminates the cost of transportation of equipment, does not require investments in the instrument itself and its energy supply. But, the electric screed is, for example, small in size and practically does not cause problems in transportation. But it can be used both on the street construction site and indoors. But the most important advantage of vibrating profiles is the final result. No manual mechanical tool will allow to provide the same strength of the solution, which empowers its vibrating wheel with electric drive.

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