Living rooms are modular: we use space to the maximum

Living modular systems in recent timesare in great demand. Such systems make it easy to change the interior of any apartment by simply modifying the modules. It is not for nothing that this furniture is chosen by most manufacturers as the main direction: buying it, the owners of small or non-standard apartments can breathe out with relief - it will perfectly fit into any interior.

living room modular

As a rule, living room modular systemsare a set of elements that differ from each other in length. Thus, combining the necessary items, you can create a unique set that will meet all the requirements of the owner. With the help of such systems it is possible to assemble a bookcase, mini-wall or shelves of different configurations - all the details will be the same in color and texture, which will give the impression of a one-piece set. All living room modular systems assume in their kit and the availability of such an essential interior as a wardrobe. It can also be made in various versions: as with a solid, solid-colored door, with a mirror or matte glass surface.

Modular living rooms (photo can be seen innumerous catalogs of furniture firms) are valued by those people who want to escape from the template solutions of the organization of space and realize their fantasies. They are convenient and economical.

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Living room systems: what is the advantage

  • The buyer can only buy those items that he needs.
  • If there is a need for additional items - they can be easily purchased. And manufacturers give a guarantee on exact coincidence of the sizes, shades, accessories and so forth.
  • Such systems make it easy to change the interior of any apartment by simply modifying the modules.
  • This furniture is very versatile: a modular bookcase can be turned into a wardrobe, removing or changing the door.
    living room modular inexpensive
  • These systems feature ease of installation and assembly. The attached fasteners and detailed instructions will allow you to assemble the desired piece of furniture, even if you do not have the necessary skills.
  • Modular furniture is very compactly located inany configuration. If you want, you can pick up elements of different heights, depths or widths that will fit them into any place, even in empty corners or niches.

Stand modular rooms are inexpensive, but stillit will be cheaper to order furniture on your own project. Especially this option is suitable for owners of non-standard rooms. In this case, the required number of different modules will be produced at the factory according to standard sizes, which will allow you not to overpay for an individual order. In any modular system there are both mirror racks and showcases, and closed shelves. Therefore, when making furniture to order, you only need to determine the number and type of desired items. To do this, you need to stock up on the layout of the room, which will include not only the exact dimensions of the living room, but also the layout of the electrical outlets and switches.

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