House 8 to 8: lay-out, photo

Building a house is an opportunity to acquireOwn housing and everything in it to plan on your own. Small country projects, as a rule, are much cheaper than city apartments. House 8 to 8, the layout of which can be very different, is one of the options of quite economical suburban housing.

house 8 for 8 floor plan

Projects of houses 8x8

House 8 to 8 (planning, photos are attached) - this isA great option for families with an average budget. In such buildings there will be no problems with the heating and air conditioning system, which means that during operation they will be economical and ergonomic.

Despite the small area, house 8 for 8,the layout of which can be any, is a full-fledged housing and contains in the plan all the necessary premises. Buildings can be erected from a beam, a log, a foam block or a stone. At the request of the customer, you can design the overall exterior of the house, the individual size and shape of doors and windows, as well as their number.

Most often, one-storey buildings are being built, but variants of such houses with two floors or with an attic are no less popular.

House 8 to 8: lay-out of a single-storey house

Standard house design 8x8 includes a hall, oneor two bedrooms, a dining room and a bathroom. In the kitchen you can put a bar counter. Housing, the area of ​​which is 64 square meters, is approximately equal to a three-room apartment. To build it will require much less building materials. This is quite a budget accommodation with many rooms, suitable for both seasonal in it finding, and for permanent residence.

Before you start building a house, you needDetermine where to go will be the windows of each room. In a one-story 8x8 project with a good layout it is planned to place a children's house on the west side of the house, a bedroom from the north. From the south it is more expedient to equip the living room, and place the kitchen on the east side.

The most common is the layout of the house for a family consisting of four people, two of whom are children.

house 8 for 8 floor plan

In the project two bedrooms are planned - adult andchild. As children in addition to the playing area, you will also need a place to set up the tables for classes, the children are projected a little more than a bedroom for adults. For example, in the standard layout is provided for an adult bedroom - 12 square meters. m, for a children's room with two windows - 18 sq.m. Under the living room is allocated 20 square meters, and for the hallway, kitchen and bathroom there is approximately 14 sq.m. In the hall there are three exits: a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen.

If the site allows, you can make a veranda.

house 8 to 8 floor plan photo

Two-storey houses 8х8

If the family can afford constructiontwo-story building, then we can say with certainty that in such a dwelling for all members of the family there is a personal space in the form of a room. If the house is 8 by 8, the planning is most often performed according to one standard.

house 8 for 8 floor plan

On the ground floor,Stay: kitchen, living room, hallway and bathroom, and the second floor is completely given for sleeping rooms or accommodate three bedrooms and another bathroom. It is very convenient for storing things on one of the floors or under the interstorey staircase to equip the dressing room.

house 8 for 8 floor plan of one-storey house

House 8x8 with attic

Attic, in fact, is the second floor, but due to the specific location under the roof, this room has a different height of the ceiling.

This area can be used for childrenroom, bedroom or to organize a recreation area there. The house with a penthouse is an excellent option for a prospective family that likes to receive guests - there is enough space for everyone in it!

Regardless of how many floors will house 8for 8, the layout of rooms requires a very responsible approach. It is on the quality of design that not only the appearance of the house itself depends, but also its reliability, safety and comfort.

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