Walls in the hall - universal furniture for all time

Furniture walls in the hall - this is also an indispensablethe attribute of a modern living room, like, for example, a TV or sofa. Despite the abundance of forms and models of cabinet furniture, these designs will never go out of fashion. First of all due to its functionality and practicality.

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You can divide the modern walls into the hall by theirpractical purpose in two groups: classical and mini-designs. And the first category is gradually moving to the background because of its impressive size and complexity in the care. But small compact walls in the hall, photos of which are in the range represented in most furniture catalogs, on the contrary, are gaining increasing popularity. This is partly due to a new trend in the world of interior fashion - minimalism. Such furniture takes up little space and fits perfectly even in the smallest rooms. Due to its design features, mini-walls in the hall allow you to place all the necessary TV and video equipment, books, dishes and other items necessary in everyday life.

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These small designs can have the mostdifferent configurations. For example, along with the usual cupboards and cabinets in them can be provided shelves for decor, a shelf for disks and even a place for a small mirror. Such ensembles look very attractive. And if you decide to purchase a unique furniture set, stop focusing on modular furniture. Selecting the necessary components, you can easily and simply create an unusual and maximally functional wall that meets all your requirements. Separately, it should be noted that modern furniture, unlike the classic cumbersome systems, is devoid of gloomy, overhanging over the main design of mezzanines. Therefore, a miniature wall in the hall (photo, the price of such furniture is presented both in the catalogs of manufacturers, and in online stores), looks easy and airy. In addition, it does not clutter the space and gives the room a modern and stylish look.

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Most often modern walls in the hallare made of sheets of particleboard or MDF. Exterior facades are made of natural veneer or wood, you can often find models with trendy design from acrylic panels of different colors and textures. Often, such furniture is complemented by glass, ceramic or mirror inserts and original fittings. For small rooms manufacturers offer corner wall models or compact slides - structures made in the form of small ladders. Such furniture does not take up excess space, on the contrary, visually expand a small room. A small height of cabinets will create the impression of high ceilings.

As mentioned earlier, modern walls in the hallcan differ in unusual design. The structure of their design can also include a wide variety of elements: from standard drawers to hinged shelves and open compartments. Therefore, going for the purchase of this convenient and universal furniture, you should focus only on your own requirements and wishes.

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