Functional children's furniture: chests with changing table

When young parents think aboutpurchase of furniture for the newborn, they begin to look for the most functional and financially accessible options. And this task is not easy. However, recently manufacturers are offering more and more opportunities to solve it. Among the population today, such universal, affordable and ergonomic items of children's furniture as dressers with changing table are in great demand. What is it?

chests of drawers with changing table

This type of furniture is a normala place for storing things with drawers, on the upper horizontal surface of which there is a swaddling table with bumps. Most often on the top there is a children's mattress or a special pad.

When choosing furniture for a child it is necessary to takein consideration of some points. Use of natural materials that do not harm the health of the child. Most often this is a natural tree, while the surface of the table can be made of latex. The main condition - the material from which the children's chest of drawers is made with a changing table, should be easy to clean, do not absorb moisture and do not slide.

children's dressers with changing table

It is better to choose furniture with a wider and larger surface, because children grow fast. Also, you need to check that the table is firmly fixed to the frame.
It is necessary to determine in advance which positionThe baby on the diaper cover will be comfortable for mom. Some women find it more convenient that the baby lay sideways to them, and some prefer only a perpendicular arrangement. In this regard, it is necessary to choose the location of the boxes and the table in relation to each other.
It is best if the children's dressers with changingtable, except for ordinary boxes, will contain in their design shelves, all kinds of trays, holders for diapers, hangers and other accessories necessary for the mother.

What are the advantages?

Firstly, chests with a changing table givemum the opportunity not to leave the baby unattended, as everything necessary for caring for the child is at hand. Secondly, the variety of models allows you to pick up this piece of furniture "for yourself", that is, focusing on your growth. This is very convenient, since my mother will not be so tired, spending every day for several hours on her feet, performing daily children's procedures. Thirdly, chests with a changing table significantly save free space in the room. Even when the baby grows up, you can store his things here.

children's dresser with changing table

It is worth noting and another advantage of suchchildren's furniture - a variety of design solutions. Modern dressers with changing table are offered in a variety of options: they have bright colors and unusual shapes, exquisite ornaments in the form of carvings, curly pens and appliques, and much more. There are very interesting model-transformers, in which the folding pallet folded forms an additional section of the chest. It should be noted that the furniture of domestic manufacturers is much cheaper than imported ones, but the quality of the offered products does not get worse from this.

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