Heating without gas and electricity

Today, for some of us, it is quite acutethe heating of the suburban area. If during the summer you can not pay due attention to solving the problem of heating the home, then in the autumn and spring it is worth taking care of. Of course, many can say that it is necessary to bring gas, and this will be the right advice. But what if the gas main is missing? There is also a way out of this situation. Let's talk about how to effectively organize heating without gas.

heating without gas

What do you need to get started?

The first thing you have to decide onalternative heat source. As noted above, there is a way out of the situation, and not one. If there is no gas main, then it is possible to purchase heating electrical equipment. Simply put, install electric heating. But the dacha may not have a stable source of electricity. In this case, the solution to the problem is the construction of a furnace for which firewood is the main fuel. It is possible to say with great confidence that for many this kind of heating is not strange, because it is actively used to this day. For this simple reason, the heating of the dacha without gas can be adjusted without any problems, and now we will figure out how.

Coal-wood boiler

As you can guess from the title, likeThe device operates on coal and wood. It is noteworthy that such heating equipment can be used not only for heating the room, but also for cooking.

Fuel burns in a special chamber, heatingThe coolant that moves through the radiators. As a result, your house will be quite warm. Unfortunately, there is no way to accurately adjust the temperature.

Currently, there is a wide choice in the marketboilers, among which besides the classical ones there are pyrolysis and gas-generating ones. You will not need to heat the carrier over 100 degrees. It remains only to prick more firewood. In fact, this is the most common oven, as in the old days, only slightly improved externally. If pyrolysis and gas-fired boilers work only from the network, then the usual, classical options can function without electricity.

heating without gas and electricity

Electric boilers

If it is necessary to adjust the heating of the dacha without gas andwood, the ideal solution is heating with electric boilers. It is necessary to understand that this is a very expensive method, however sometimes it is the only one available.

Electric boilers are now available on anytaste. This applies to both their capacity and cost. Some are very economical and reliable, while others are cheaper and simpler. But any electrical equipment is afraid of sudden electrical surges, so it is recommended to purchase an additional stabilizer, which will save the device from damage.

In most cases, it is recommended to useelectricity only as a spare, that is, a backup source of heat. Electric boilers are fairly light, and with proper installation are completely safe. For a room of 100 square meters, equipment with a capacity of about 10 kW will be required.

heating with liquefied gas

About autonomous heating

If it is possible to mount electric heatingno, as an option for solving the problem it is worth considering the equipment of a small autonomous gas station. A significant drawback of this solution is the too high cost of purchasing devices. One gasholder alone will cost a lot, and its price depends on the volume. But if you do not have any difficulties with the funds and there are no alternative solutions, this option can be considered.

Gasholder will provide fuel to the boiler, which will provide not only hot radiators, but also a hot water system.

There is another way out - heating the gas with gas fromcylinders. But it is good only when in this room they do not permanently reside. The fact is that for large requirements of cylinders for a long time is not enough. Well, now consider a few more relevant methods of heating.

heating in the country with their own hands

We use the energy of the sun

To implement such heating, you do notYou will need neither electricity, nor gas. The essence of the method is to install solar collectors on the roof. They convert solar energy into heat energy, which is transferred to the heat carrier. We can say that this system is most dependent on natural factors. For example, for solar regions it is well suited, but in a foggy area it makes no sense to put a solar system on. It will work, but not as efficiently as we need.

If to speak about essential lacks suchsystem, they consist in the high cost of installation and further maintenance of the collectors. In addition, such devices are extremely sensitive to mechanical damage, and this must be remembered. To exclude significant heat loss, it is recommended to insulate the building with a high quality. Today, the use of solar energy for heating a dacha or a cottage can not be called exotic, however such kind of heating is not yet developed.

We provide heating at the dacha with our own hands

heating for cottages without gas
Many domestic craftsmen are able to heatroom without buying boilers. Of course, this requires smartness and great patience, but this is the cheapest and sometimes very effective method. He is in the construction of the furnace, as a result you can organize heating of the dacha without gas and electricity. Although it is sometimes cheaper to buy a combined coal-gas simple boiler of low power. To him to bring a coolant and install a surge tank.

The installation of radiators is already a separate topic forconversations. There is one nuance - you will have to constantly monitor the supply of fuel to the combustion chamber in order to keep the temperature in the house at an optimal level. Of course, if you need to heat several small rooms, then you can do with a self-made burger. It can only be heated by firewood or coal.

What is geothermal heating?

Despite the fact that many have not even heard of him,every year it is gaining more popularity. The essence of the method is that heat is extracted from the depths of the earth's interior. We all know that the temperature is higher in the ground, so this method takes place.

The system itself consists of a special thermalpump and manifold. This equipment is installed underground or under water. The design is very expensive, but very effective. Firstly, it is a completely ecologically clean kind of heating, and secondly, geothermal energy is restored, so in the cold you definitely will not stay. However, it can be said with certainty that such heating for giving without gas is not always advisable. This is due to the high cost of equipment.

gas heating from cylinders


We examined almost all existingmethods of heating. Some methods do not inspire confidence, however, technologies are constantly evolving, there are more and more new ways of heating. For example, heating a dacha with liquefied gas is very expensive. However, it always makes sense to establish an autonomous gasification in half with a neighbor. In this case, you will have to buy a larger gas tank, but you will still save a significant portion of the funds.

As you can see, there are a lot of options for solving the problem in the absence of a gas main.

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