Russian hut. Interior and structure

For a long time the wooden hut was the residenceevery simple Russian person. Such houses, built of wooden boards (or solid logs), began to erect even during the existence of Kievan Rus. Until now, many connoisseurs of antiquity are building similar dwellings for themselves. Unlike the stone monuments of architecture, the oldest huts have not survived to our days, but as an illustrative example we got the houses built in the 19th century. Looking at them, you can determine the way of life of that time, and the interior, and other features of the former life.

Russian hut interior

The form of such buildings is extremely simple - a squareor a rectangle. This geometric accuracy is maintained even within the structure, even if it is divided into several different rooms. It is thanks to this architectural method that a unique atmosphere of coziness and warmth is created, which only the Russian hut can boast of. The interior, as a rule, was uncomplicated. The dwelling consisted of several rooms, among which you can call the upper room, the porch, the cage and the closet. In some cottages they also built a podklet, a porch and an attic - everything depended on the owner's prosperity.

As a rule, the surrounding objects and theirthe arrangement at once can be understood that this is the Russian hut. The interior is distinguished by strictness, laconism and minimalism. An indispensable attribute of the old hut were long benches that were nailed to the walls or to the floor. Near them there could be a long dining table. All household items, dishes and things were located on hanging shelves, which were nailed to the walls. In some houses there was a sideboard, however this is far from an obligatory detail, especially if the living area is not large. After all, space is the main criterion for characterizing the Russian hut.

interior of Russian huts in pictures

Interior of old country houses,undoubtedly, supplemented by a stove. It was located in the center of the living quarters, and around it were tables, shelves and hooks, on which hung a poker, ladle, pans and pots with handles. On the back of the stove was often placed a cradle, to sleep in which it was warm, especially in the winter cold. It is this in many of our tales that the Russian hut is represented.

The interior of peasant houses of old centuries is generousdecorated with various accessories and paintings. As a rule, national ornaments painted the stove, tables and benches, shelves, dishes and window frames. At the heart of such drawings were images of the sun, croquets and geometric patterns in red, yellow and black tones. Painted plates and pots were put on shelves, and they became a worthy addition to the general ensemble.

interior in the style of the Russian hut

If you want to create an interior in your homestyle Russian hut, you have to start with the interior decoration of the walls. They should be made of logs or boards, preferably pine trees. Order from the manufacturer wooden furniture in a distinctive style, and then you can paint it yourself if you own a brush.

You can see the interior of the Russian hut in pictures inarticle and, building on them, recreate something of their own. Implementing the old traditions is not so difficult, given the diversity of modern materials and the imagination of designers.

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