Installation Tece - a symbiosis of comfort, cleanliness and coziness!

Usually toilet and bathroom are located in differentrooms, but in some multi-storey houses these amenities are gathered in one room. In any case, such an essential element, as a sanitary and technical device, is worth our attention. In this material, we will talk about the possibility of extending the comfort zone with the help of various devices for the toilet. For example, consider what the Tece installation is.

First of all - comfort

Each of us is striving for comfortable conditions,not only at home, but also at work. To this end, we, as we can, ennoble our homes with various methods available. We change beyond recognition the interior of rooms, buy different appliances or just do a good repair with the replacement of all plumbing. And since, waking up every morning, we first visit the restroom, then we should take care of the comfort.

Installing tece

In many houses, the toilet flush toilet bowllocated in the most prominent place, which sometimes strikes the eye and does not look quite aesthetic. German company Tece takes into account this nuance and now offers to carry out the hidden installation of the tank and the necessary communications, safely hiding them from the eyes.

The hidden installation Tece allows you to design the design of the room in full accordance with the tastes of the owners. In addition, the place does not take much.

Advantages of Tece

Tece values ​​its customers,therefore responsibly approaches to manufacture of production. And this means the use of only high-quality materials for the manufacture of parts and components of installations and tanks. At the same time, each stage of production is accompanied by a thorough check.

For the manufacture of modules, a strongsteel, and the products themselves are covered with a layer of zinc and paint for protection purposes. Tanks are formed from hard and durable plastic. A flush installation of Tece guarantees a faultless operation during the entire service life.

Tece installation

But what is worth paying special attention to, is thismanufacture buttons and control keys for the entire system. They are represented in a huge variety and differ in texture, shades of color and material of manufacture. Similar can not be found in any other manufacturer.

All system management is carried out with the help ofbuttons that are located on the wall. In fact, they are only visible, which is the indisputable advantage of Tece products. And they are comfortable, beautiful, they can handle even children.

As for the installation, the Tece installationis installed easily and simply. The complete set includes brackets and fasteners in a complete set. The detailed instructions are designed in such a way that the installation can be done on their own, without the involvement of specialists.

A wide range of

Currently, the company delivers to the marketits products in a wide range. And for its production engineers have developed their own production technology. And besides the fact that the drainage system is distinguished by a competent and thoughtful design, the company was awarded several prizes and awards.

Tece toilet installation

The supplied installations differ from each othertechnical characteristics, which makes it possible to install them for different types and design of the toilet bowl. Among all the models, the Tece 9 400 005 installation is very popular.

Not only comfort, but also reliability

Installation systems for sanitary ware haveA special design, due to which they can withstand up to 4 centners. In addition, the installation includes a special sound-absorbing lining. Additional insulation is also the wall behind which the tank is hidden and thanks to which the noise of water is not audible.

Flush Tece-installation for the toilet in the processmaintenance is able to ensure cleanliness and freshness. For this purpose, a container for special hygienic tablets and other means is provided in the design of the lid of the flush tank. Thanks to this innovative solution, detergents are mixed with water during draining. This ensures freshness and cleanliness of the sink with each use.

Installing tece 9 400 005

As for maintenance, it is no more complicated than the installation process. If the installation of Tece requires replacement of parts, then there is no need for a special tool.

In matters of comfort, you should trust only proven and well-known manufacturers. This is the only way to create a cozy and healthy atmosphere in your home.

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