Is it possible to put a refrigerator next to the battery? Risks and accommodation options

Arrangement of kitchen equipment - alwaysA complex issue that requires a lot of time for reflection and decision. Unfortunately, not everyone has large kitchens, so along with the entire arrangement, you need to take care of how to leave free space for normal movement. And if the placement of kitchen cabinets and plates of questions may not occur, then the place for the refrigerator should be chosen in advance. In most cases, the only option for its placement is the installation of heating radiators. However, is it possible to put a refrigerator next to the battery?

can I put a refrigerator next to the battery

About risks

It is not hard to guess that cold and heat are twoincompatible factors. In our case, the radiator can significantly increase the energy consumption of the refrigerator and even disable it. Therefore, it is not recommended to place the refrigerator near the battery.

In addition, it should be noted that hotobjects can also aggravate the operation of equipment of this technique. And despite the fact that the heating season in many latitudes of Russia lasts no more than 4 months a year, you can not put a refrigerator near the battery. If several months in a row the electric motor located on the back of the equipment will be constantly heated, it is possible that soon all equipment will fail. And to restore even under warranty such a refrigerator will not succeed. The fact that it is dangerous to put this technique on the battery is described both in the instruction manual and in the operating rules.

refrigerator near the battery

What if the layout of the room does not allow the placement of this equipment in another place?

Is it possible to put a refrigerator next to the battery orno, we have already found out, but if you did not take this moment into account and remembered this technique only after completing the kitchen layout, you should take care of security measures. Below we note a few rules that can protect your refrigeration equipment from sudden breakdowns:

  1. The distance from the radiator must be as large as possible. It is inadmissible that the back of the refrigerator comes close to the battery.
  2. It is recommended to install the refrigerator on the batterynot the back, but the side. This is done so that the electric motor is not so much heated during operation (and even without the battery, its temperature is very high).
  3. Between the heat source and the refrigeratormake a thermal barrier (heat shield), which will reduce the heating level of equipment parts. In this case, this element must be glued with foil on both sides.
    refrigerator near the battery

Where else can I put the refrigerator in the kitchen?

If you are only planning to purchase a new onehousehold appliances, take care of in advance in what place it will stand. At the same time, the main factors affecting the location of the refrigerator are its dimensions. Therefore, if you have a kitchen area of ​​10 or less square meters, choose as small as possible devices (the emphasis should be on the width of the equipment, while the height of the device can be 200 or more centimeters). Is it possible to put a refrigerator next to the battery? Definitely not. Neighborhood of this equipment with any coolant will only spoil the electric motor, so the option of placing this equipment next to the oven and the heating system is immediately deleted.

The refrigerator should be stable. The slightest deviation can cause serious malfunctions in the cooling system. Also, when planning the location of the refrigerator, pay attention to the fact that the doors of both chambers open freely and close to them there are no obstacles.

And now several options for placing this equipment in small kitchens.

  1. Option number 1. Purchase a free-standing freezer andrefrigerating chamber. If one of them (for example, a freezer) will be under the table, the second one can be placed above the drawers or near the microwave. So you save a lot of free space.
  2. Option number 2. Purchase of built-in refrigerators. Such devices also save free meters, but here it should be noted that you need to buy it along with the entire wall, otherwise you will never guess the size of the technology.
  3. Option number 3. Placement of the refrigerator in the pantry. This "room" is in almost every apartment. There are usually jam, conservation or any unnecessary trash. Instead, you can install a refrigerator there and tighten the shelves for the same conservation. Quite a practical option for small apartments.
    refrigerator near the battery


So, we figured out if it's possible next to the batteryput the refrigerator, and considered possible options for redevelopment of the kitchen space. As you can see, there are a lot of options for installing this equipment in the apartment, and each of them assumes the most practical placement of the refrigerator in the house.

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