How to hang a wall on a wall: the features of placement

Bra - lights that create in the roomsensual and exciting mood. In this case, the devices must be properly placed. Lighting devices emit a soft, indirect light, which makes them ideal for creating a pleasant romantic atmosphere.


Many designers, hanging wall-sconces, comparethem with historical lights that worked on gas. Only modern devices are more secure. This type of fixtures will create the necessary lighting, they can be used in rooms decorated in different styles.

It is best not to hang a wall on a wall in a singleoption, but in a pair or triple. The use of one device may not give the desired result, the atmosphere that appears in a properly lit room. Depending on the style of decoration of the room chandeliers and sconces can be hung from both sides of the mirror. In addition, they are ideal for lighting the main entrance to the house, located on both sides.

In the bedroom, the sconce can be placed above the toilettable. If desired, the devices can be hung from both sides of the bed. They produce special lamps for the bathroom, which are water resistant. To focus on a certain part of the bathroom, you should hang the wall on the wall.

 chandeliers and sconces

In addition, for lighting one device can be placed on each side of the mirror, and another luminaire hang next to the sink.

If you hang a wall against the wall from the outsideat home, you can emphasize the design of the building, in addition, it will improve lighting for safety. In summer, well-chosen lamps can be placed in the garden or in the courtyard, which will make the territory attractive and make rest more enjoyable.

The convenience of the devices lies in the flexibility of theirinstallation. You can hang a wall on a wall made of any material: plastic, gypsum, stone, brick, wood or roof tiles. Like any lamp, similar devices are produced with a variety of shapes, design and style.

sconce lamps

Before buying a sconce, make sure that it iswill suit the style of furniture and other decor in the room. Often, wall lights can complement other devices in the room. In this case, for a better combination, they must be selected from the same series.

An important factor is the height of the sconces. It is best to install the device just above the level of the head. The location of the lamp most often depends on the purpose of its use.

If necessary, hang the instruments on the sides of the door, they must be at the level of the upper part of the entrance.

There are sconces in which there is a lamp highof rated power. These devices will be ideal for lighting dark rooms. When buying appliances, you need to determine whether the wall will be decorated with decorative elements of the room design or additional sources of lighting. If there is enough light in the room, then you should choose devices with low voltage lamps.

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