Wax for furniture: a description of how to use

From time immemorial the masters covered wooden furniturewaxing. Thus, the wood was protected from various external influences. At the same time, it retained its natural beauty and warmth. Our ancestors knew about the water-repellent properties of this remedy.

To date, we know quite a lotnumber of options for processing a tree. But the wax for furniture keeps the leading position. It is often used to preserve and emphasize the natural beauty of the wooden surface.

wax for furniture

Benefits of use

Wax, unlike other types of protective equipment,completely penetrates the structure of the tree, and does not lie on the surface. Thus, the tree does not lose its texture and preserves the natural heat. The furniture covered with such a device can withstand long loads. There are other advantages for this tool:

  • The velvety material remains, which is so lacking in polished furniture.
  • Cabinets, chairs, tables and chests of drawers made ofnatural wood, will become even more beautiful if they are covered with wax. Under the invisible coating of the protective layer, not only the texture appears, but the color of the surface of the product becomes more pronounced.
  • Using the tinted look of the material, you can create such furniture that perfectly fits into the desired interior.
  • Wax for furniture is an excellent means for restoration. A dense plastic mass fills well any cracks, scratches and chips, helps restore the original appearance of the headset.

Correctly selected shade will not only restore the objects of use, but also make them even more beautiful. Also an excellent restorative tool is a polish for furniture with wax.

polish for furniture with wax

Varieties of wax

In stores you can see a wide range of different options for furniture wax. There are the following types:

  1. Soft wax for furniture. Experts recommend using it for interior work on wood. This kind of polish is great for restoring the surface and removing chips, cracks, scratches and dents. Also it is used for work with both wooden and laminated surfaces. Covered with soft wax wood panels of cabinet furniture, interior doors perfectly withstand a variety of physical exertion. They retain their integrity under the influence of high humidity and in conditions of sharp temperature changes. Wax does not require pre-mixing, it is immediately ready for use. The mixture is applied to the required area with a special plastic spatula. Surplus is removed with the same tool. If you need a specific color background, wax of different shades can be easily mixed.
  2. Solid wax for furniture can be used asfor external and internal works. It falls perfectly on the wood, not only protecting it from negative external factors, but also restoring the damaged surface, sealing chipped, dents, scratches and cracks. Unlike its soft analog, this wax for furniture restoration has a more dense structure. To work with a solid kind of polishing a soldering iron is needed. Wax is pre-melted with this device. And the melted mass is applied to the desired area. After a few seconds he grasps the tree. Surplus material is removed with a plastic or rubber spatula.

 wax for furniture restoration

How to apply wax on furniture yourself?

Work on the treatment of wooden surfaces with wax will not be difficult, if you learn some rules in advance:

  • We prepare the surface correctly. To the wax for furniture evenly absorbed in the structure of the tree, the pores of the latter should be open. If the furniture has just been assembled and its surface is not treated with any paint materials, no preliminary preparation is required. It is more difficult if the furniture is already varnished. In this case, before applying wax polish, the surface must be treated with a solvent. This procedure will have to be carried out several times until all the varnish particles have been completely removed. After that, the wooden surfaces are treated with sandpaper. Important: the work is done only in the direction of the fibers. In the end, you should get a perfectly flat surface.
  • Apply the wax for the furniture correctly. The consistency that wax has is very important. Depending on its variety in the work may be necessary those or other adaptations and tools. Liquid type polish rubbed with a dense tissue uniform movements in the direction of the fibers of the tree. In some cases, you can use a brush or brush. For wax more dense consistency use a rubber or plastic spatula. Important: no matter what kind of wax is used in the work, after processing the tree, it is necessary to stay at least an hour. After that, the surplus is removed. If the agent is applied in one layer, the surface will remain matte. To achieve a glossy gloss, it must be applied a second time.

solid wax for furniture

We create wax for furniture by our own hands

Some masters use the tool in their workown cooking. The recipe is quite simple. In order to cook it yourself, combine beeswax with turpentine. Consider the fact that the first component, as a rule, has rich shades of yellow. Therefore, for light furniture should be taken clarified material.

The mixture is prepared in a water bath. Beeswax is ground with a knife and placed in a can of turpentine. The last component will need half as much as the first. A saucepan containing the contents is placed on a water bath. After our main ingredient melts, remove the container from the heat. In the melted mass, add the remaining wax to a homogeneous, thick mass.

soft wax for furniture

Safety is most important

While working, do not forget to adhere to the rules of fire safety. Do not leave turpentine for a long time on fire. It is easily ignited, which can lead to very sad consequences.

wax for furniture

We estimate the result

The quality of the resulting wax coating can bejudge only after its complete cooling. If the mass appears very thick, the mixture is again placed in a water bath. And, adding turpentine, bring to the desired consistency. Store the prepared wax in a tightly closed container.

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