Grapes Galahad, its advantages and nuances of breeding

Grapes are one of those cultures thatare grown by man since biblical times. It is eaten not only in fresh form. Also, gustatory qualities are possessed by dried grapes - raisins, which found very great use in cooking and is used for the most part when baking. Such a branch as winemaking, also does not do without grapes. Yes, and in canned form it is very popular.

Role of breeding for grapes

This fruit culture is represented by manyvarieties, most of which are bred by breeding to improve their biological properties and taste. The grape variety of Galahad is exactly that. It was obtained by crossing three varieties (Delight, Talisman and Muscat Delight) by breeders of VNIIVIVE them. I. I. Potapenko.

This table grapes form is complexstable, having very early maturation. The berries of Galahad grapes are very large, with amber color and a magnificent harmonious taste. The weight of the bunch of this variety, which has gained recognition, can reach one and a half kilograms.

grape variety halahard

The Galahad hybrid derived by selection is stableto all fungal diseases, which gives him even greater popularity. Gardeners who have ever heard about the properties that have Galahad grapes, the variety description and breeding methods are searched in different sources to be able to replenish their garden collection with such a unique culture.

What are the advantages of the variety

There is a lot to say about the magnificent biological, agrotechnical and taste qualities of Galahad. If you take those that gardeners pay the most attention to, then we can distinguish the following:

Galahad grapes are very frost-hardyculture. She can safely withstand a cooling to -25 degrees, which is very rare for grape crops. This greatly facilitates the work of gardeners at a time when it is necessary to cover the vine for the winter. Also the plant has excellent resistance to various pests and diseases.

grapes galahad Description

The early maturation of berries is anotherThe undisputed plus that the Galahad grapes possess. In most regions, this variety begins to ripen at the end of July, when the others are still far from it. From the moment the buds are blossomed before the berries fully ripen, no more than 100 days pass in such a variety as the Galahad grapes.

This berry culture is also very well rooted and can give a big increase. In prototypes, the growth of the vine was about two meters per year. For fruiting it is necessary to cut off 6-8 eyes.

Small nuances peculiar to this class

Although Galahard and can perfectly bear fruit, the mostThe first crop must be artificially restricted to prevent overloading of the vine. In July, when stepchildren and growth points break out, they can be very easily planted with cuttings. For this it is enough to put the broken out process into a jar of water. If it adds stimulants, it will only accelerate the growth of the root system.

grapes halahard

But this variety has one drawback - it's that the berries on the bunches do not hold very well. But he does not give farmers a reason to be disappointed in this magnificent variety.

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