Forged fences - reliability and unique style

Fences and fences running aroundperimeter of the house, have long ceased to perform only a security function. The owner of the modern house is going through not only for the safety of the property, but also for the appearance of the home. Moreover, both of these factors are closely interrelated and speak of the viability and respectability of their master.

forged fences

High walls such as the fortress built aroundat home, has long been not relevant. They were replaced by modern designs, which are less noticeable, but more reliable in terms of protecting the acquired good. Good fences were replaced by more elegant fences, performing decorative functions. One of them is a forged fence.

Art style

In the era of socialism, it was customary to veilwealth acquired by labor, and his demonstration was considered a bad form. Today, consistency is not a defect. And its best demonstration is a beautiful mansion. Forged fences allow you to admire the shapes and facade of a luxury house. These weightless in appearance designs, like a baguette framing a masterpiece of the artist, put a modern house in a highly artistic framework.

Forged fences

Forged fences - this is a classic, and the mostunexpected design solutions. Thanks to the possibilities of artistic forging, the facade of the house can acquire a unique look reminiscent of an ancient estate. Elements of a metal pattern can be painted with a special interior paint. Looks spectacular gold or silver patina on a dark background of cold metal.

Fences forged can be performed in the verydifferent styles: gothic, romantic, neoclassical, baroque and urban. The desired style is selected depending on the architecture of the house and the taste preferences of its owner.

Individuality of design

Most often, forged fences are made ofrepetitive elements, fastened to support posts. This method of fencing is the most affordable at its price, but does not differ in its individuality. Such work is performed by welding.

A lot of work requires real forgedfences. This includes designer sketches, a large amount of used material, hand work of a blacksmith. However, the result justifies the money spent, testifying not only about the solvency of the owner of the house, but also about his excellent taste.

forged fence

Many owners are trying not just to emphasizearchitectural style of his mansion, but also to give him unique qualities. So, satisfying the whims and desires of more demanding and, as a rule, wealthy, customers, forging wizards offer the most intricate fences. In such constructions, in addition to universal elements such as leaves, spirals and palmettes, artists-smiths use individualized details made with the help of special blanks. Very unusual and beautiful look fences, combining several sections with an ongoing volumetric drawing.

Care for forged fences

Metal fence, perhaps the mostIt is unpretentious in leaving from all kinds of fences. Nevertheless, insignificant care still requires. To maintain cleanliness, it is enough to wipe the product with an ordinary brush. It is advisable to use a special antistatic to clean the dust.

Despite its strength, steel, from whichsuch fencing is made, is prone to rust. Prevent this process by treating the fence with zinc or car wax. Although quality material is handled by a bona fide manufacturer with a special powder coating.

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