Compressor belt: models, specifications, description

Work with the use of a pneumatic toolrequire the use of a compressor unit. The main direction of operation of such a tool covers auto-service centers, small workshops, domestic needs and individual production sites. Therefore, a low-power compressed air supply station for such needs may not be sufficient, and an industrial unit is inappropriate because of incompatibility with pneumatics requests. The optimum option may be a belt compressor, which provides medium power and pressure characteristics, but at the same time is highly reliable.

belt compressor

Features of the belt compressor

The main structural feature of such machinesis in the belt drive. Despite the criticism of this device, which marks the wear of the belt, the correct ratio of the capacities of the pneumatic equipment and the air supply station gives grounds for counting on a long operating life of the installation. Moreover, piston belt compressors are amenable to updating individual components.

What does the user get from the belt driveon practice? First of all, this is a reduction in temperature during the generation of air currents and maintenance of the reliability of the internal element base. These advantages are achieved due to a lower engine speed while maintaining optimum performance and a more efficient cooling system. In addition, the belt compressor allows the use of modern air filters and dehumidifiers, which also have a beneficial effect on performance.

how to choose a compressor

Main characteristics of belt-type compressors

At once it is necessary to note, that belt units areprofessional and domestic. The first group provides a capacity potential at 4 kW, and models for home use and small auto repair shops have 1.5-2 kW. The next important characteristic is the volume of the receiver. The larger the capacity, the higher the air reserve level, which minimizes the number of stop and start cycles of the engine. Again, professional models have a receiver capacity of up to 200 liters, and households are provided with 50-100 liters. But here it is important to note that the compressor with a belt drive, which has an air reserve in the receiver exceeds 100 liters, is cooled more quickly. With regard to pressure, it is an average of 8-10 bar, regardless of whether the unit belongs to the domestic or professional segment. By the way, this indicator is key from the point of view of the compatibility of the pneumatic tool and the compressor itself.

piston belt compressors

Model FUBAG VCF / 100 CM3

Manufacturer FUBAG is one of the leaderssegment, regularly confirming the high reliability and functionality of its products. In this case we are talking about an average power plant, which can be considered as a universal one. A distinctive feature of the modification is the combination of an effective heat removal system, performance and maneuverability. Structural optimization was given special attention, which made it possible to offer the compressor an air belt with ergonomic devices for transportation and a volume 100-liter receiver. Also, the model is equipped with two pressure gauges, which allow to control the operating parameters of the compressor with a high degree of accuracy.

Model "Caliber KM-2100 / 50R"

Small in size, but also effective instandards of its class unit that is suitable for performing paintwork, rust removal, surface blasting and other standard operations for pneumatics. Thanks to a balanced combination of pressure and capacity, the plant has a high working life, which also determines the durability of the structure. The belt compressor of this modification is provided and, at first glance, insignificant, but tangible in practice, using elements of thoughtful ergonomics. Among them is a measuring eye for convenient visual control of the oil level, and handles on the hull that facilitate transportation operations.

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Model Fiac AB 300-7,5 F

The Italian company represents the modelindustrial, characterized by increased productivity. Compared with similar compressors of this class, the model operates at medium frequencies, which reduces the wear rate of the piston group. This is due to the fact that the parts in the process of working are less heated and practically do not undergo deforming processes. In addition, as an additional measure of protection against overheating, the compressor of the belt in this version was provided by the cooling fan. As a result, the user can expect not only to extend the operational life of the work items, but also to increase the working cycle. To this can be added and almost a record high volume of the receiver in 300 liters, which allows the unit to be used in long working cycles at large enterprises.

How to choose a compressor?

belt driven compressor

Technical characteristics should be the mainfactor in determining a model that is appropriate for a particular purpose. But, there are other nuances that should be borne in mind. For example, it makes sense to pay attention to the equipment. To effectively organize the workflow, it is important to have at hand a whole range of accessories that provide a reliable interface between the installation and the pneumatic tool. Also in the question of how to choose a compressor, the presence of modern security systems is important. It is an advantage of the presence of an overload protection system and the option of automatic shutdown. During operation, structural defects are often found in the form of a lack of convenient equipment for moving the unit. This nuance is also worth considering when choosing a compressor, although it is not decisive, from the point of view of the immediate operational qualities of the equipment.

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