Moss in the kitchen is a disaster! Feed their garbage, dirt and water

Moss in the kitchen
Imagine the affliction of the mistress when shefinds out that in the kitchen mice have got! In her kitchen, which should be the standard of cleanliness, beauty and comfort! And now these small creatures are rummaging there, silently hinting that she somewhere has overlooked something, has overlooked.

Moss these, in principle, are harmless. These are the very Drosophila, to whom so much science owes so much, such as genetics. Moreover, they were the first of the living beings to make a suborbital space flight! But what about the mistress of that? After all, she is not a genetic scientist, and her apartment or house is not a scientific laboratory. Therefore, it is urgently necessary to find means and methods for how to destroy gnats in the kitchen.

First of all, you need to arrange on it literallya general search for the search for rotting plant residues. Eating them, the midges reproduce themselves at a really frantic pace (because of what the geneticists have become fond of). Explore:

  • Stocks of vegetables and fruits that have long been in storage. Fruits that are damaged must be "corrected" or discarded.
  • Open packages that store cereals, nuts, seasonings. If their contents are spoiled, such a product is sent to the garbage.
  • Banks with compotes and jam. They should be tightly closed.
  • The presence of standing water. The left glass, kitchen sink, drinking bowl of a pet, a flower pot tray - these are the places where water turns into a breeding ground of Simuliidae and from where they appear every day by the hundreds. The drinker must be temporarily transferred to a room where there are no products. All the rest is emptied.
  • Bin. It should be regularly removed and tightly closed with a lid.
  • Incinerator (if any). To clean it, use ice cubes and lemon zest. You can also apply ammonia (240 ml): pour inside, wait an hour, rinse well.

Moss in the kitchen are very fond of breeding in the roots of indoor flowers, if any. And if the suspicion of this is confirmed, you should begin the destruction operation.

How to destroy midges in the kitchen

  • Be sure to reduce watering colors. The absence of a moist environment prevents the accelerated reproduction of Simuliidae.
  • Prepare a weak solution of potassium permanganate and treat all the flower pots.
  • Stick a few matches into the ground where the flowers grow, with a sulfur head. This folk remedy helps a lot.

After these measures, the source of parasite reproduction should in principle be eliminated. The time has come when the midges in the kitchen, brazenly flying along it, must be irretrievably destroyed.

The first method can be called absolutely harmless,but slowly acting. Prepare special traps for midges. Take a piece of paper, make a funnel out of it, cut off its sharp end. At the bottom of the glass jar put the bait in the form of a small piece of dried fruit or a small amount of fruit juice. After that, insert the funnel with the cut end into the jar.

Another trap is a disposable plastic cup with a wet tea bag or a piece of fruit. At the top, the glass should be tightened with a food film with several small holes.

In the kitchen there were midges

Both traps are placed where most of the moths in the kitchen were spotted.

The second method allows you to get rid of midgesquickly, but is associated with a "chemical attack". Applying insecticides, you need to process not only the kitchen, but also other rooms. After that, the apartment can not be neither people nor pets for several hours. The destruction of insects ends by careful wet cleaning and ventilation.

After all these events, midges in the kitchen will never appear again. If, of course, you do not "invite" them to a meal, leaving on the kitchen table a half-drunk juice or a half-eaten apple ...

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