What is a chisel and what can I do with it?

Products made of wood are always a sign of luxury,prosperity and good taste of their owners. Qualitatively made furniture, decoration items, ornaments from this natural material will last for many years. This and the beautiful appearance of wooden things give rise to a great demand for products, especially if it is made by the hands of a person, in a true carpentry workshop.

what is a chisel

Man, uninitiated in the subtlety of craft,It will be difficult to understand what a chisel, chisel, humpback, or staple is. All these tools help to create real works of art. Practically in any tool box there is a chisel on wood. It helps to create and process grooves, grooves, spikes in the product.

Types of chisels, general characteristics

Answer the question of what is a chisel,a pair of words is simply impossible. There are a lot of varieties of this tool, each separate kind helps to achieve the best result. Chisels can vary in shape, size and purpose.

chisel on wood

Select the right tool afterThe purpose of its use is clear. After all, for precise geometric lines one needs chisels, and for a more filigree work, sculptural carving is used quite different species.

What should you pay attention to when buying?

General requirements for this tool are reduced tothe satisfactory quality of the materials from which they are made. The chisel consists of two parts - this is directly a metal cloth and a wooden (sometimes plastic or rubber) handle. The best tree for handles are hardwoods. They are able to resist frequent strokes, do not crack during work. Professional carpenters advise to pay attention to the metal itself. In composition, the most suitable alloy is chromium and vanadium. Its characteristics allow the tool to last a fairly long time, without deformations and breakages. The metal must undergo a good heat treatment. This will be the key to his fortress in work even with the hardest wood species.

semicircular chisel

It is very important to monitor the chisel, make sharpening in time, observing the initial inclination of the angle. Handle must lie in the hand, be comfortable and ergonomic, this will greatly facilitate the process of work.

Straight chisel

To begin with, it is necessary to understand the question,what is a chisel straight, what kind of species it is and what its distinctive features are. The width of the canvas is virated from 3 mm to 6 cm. Everything depends on what kind of work to do. Using a tool with a wide blade, remove excess wood, smoothing and defusing the defects of the previous stage of work. And more thin chisels are intended for creation of details, carvings, notches and grooves. In addition, the thickness of the blade is important, the bigger it is, the deeper the cut. Thin work needs a chisel with a short blade from the base to the handle. This form helps to feel the instrument more in the hand, to maneuver it and to make precise verified movements.

Semicircular chisels: varieties and scope

Semicircular chisel is designed to work withconcave and convex surfaces. They also differ in length, radius, thickness, and form of the canvas. Separate subspecies of semicircular chisels are the caesar and the cranberry. These are very miniature tools, the width of the blades in which comes to 2-3 mm. They will come to the aid of the joiner, when you need to make thin patterns, veins, miniature carvings.


When everything is clear with the technical side of the question "what is a chisel", it is worth highlighting several important nuances. They will help you choose the most suitable tool:

  • Handle and tool material must have high strength and reliability.
  • If work is supposed in whicheasier to carve the chisel will use an additional tool (kayak, hammer), you need to have special models equipped with a tip or handle, designed specifically for such cases.
  • There are shock and unstressed chisels. The first are designed for volumetric types of work and can be used for hardwood. Unsuccessful chisels suggest more refined processes, detailed carving and sculptural cutting.
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