Ironing board "Nika" - an excellent option from the domestic manufacturer

Ironing boards have undergone many changesfor the time of its evolution. Modern models are very different from the first inventions: they are convenient, multifunctional, fairly compact and easily transformed. Not everyone can afford the products of foreign firms, but domestic manufacturers are always pleased with affordable and excellent in quality novelties. A good example is the ironing board "Nika". A wide range of models, which has already gained great popularity, will be replenished more than once.

Nickel Ironing Board

The most convenient device for ironing clothes

It seems that no one will be lost in conjecture aboutThat it can be. It is clear that the mentioned devices for ironing are different in completing, but the meaning of their work is the same. For example, an ironing board "Nika 4" is made of high-quality plywood. Like other specimens of this brand, it has a standard width (from 35 to 40 cm depending on the model) and length (an average of 120 cm). For the iron is provided a special stand, which, if necessary, can be pushed out, and then removed as unnecessary.

In the kit there is a special device forironing sleeves, which is called an armpit. For convenience of use the "Nick 4" ironing board is equipped with an extension. It allows you to use the iron even with a small cord in any convenient place. The shape of the working surface is a rounded rectangle on one side. For metal parts a special furniture pipe is used. This makes it possible to simplify the entire structure as much as possible.

Nicka 9 ironing board: basic features

This model is presented in several modifications. They differ only in the coloring of the material from which the cover is made.

Nick 9 Ironing Board
But everywhere only high-qualitycotton fabric (mostly coarse calico). The size of the board is standard (1220x400 mm), which allows you to iron and big things, but it does not take much space. A nice bonus for housewives is the automatic assembly system. You can adjust the height by one push on the lever under the base, while holding the structure. This will allow you to do household chores in any position - standing or sitting.

This model is equipped with everything necessary forTo make the most comfortable routine housewife work. A specially manufactured perforated surface of the working area allows the pair to pass freely. A convenient shelf for laundry will accommodate a lot of already ironed things. An iron with Teflon coating can be used on this board without any fear, because the stand for it is made with silicone rivets. Cord from the iron will not get tangled and interfere with the process, because it can be attached to a special bracket.

Ironing board "Nick 11" - an indispensable thing in the house

This model is one of the latest developments. Its size is 1220x400 mm, and the maximum height is 1000 mm. Thanks to the metal base, the service life is significantly extended. Convenient bracket for the wire and a shelf for laundry make the ironing process even more pleasant.

ironing board 11

It can be concluded that any ironing board "Nika" will bring its owner pleasant emotions and brighten up the gloomy household chores.

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