Nice march of luxury furniture from MARONESE

A welcome purchase for many is furniture fromItaly. It is distinguished by its excellent design and high quality. For the production of furniture, natural material and new technological developments are used, and also the remarkable traditions of famous Italian masters are applied.

Classics and modernity of Italian furniture.

Magnificent creations of the Italian mastersdelight the whole world. Classical furniture is produced by many factories in Italy, which bear the names of famous people and world-famous stars. Classics and modernity merge into a single whole, where design and culture are embodied in reality. The decorated space with luxurious Italian furniture creates a new standard of living. Buyers' comments say that high quality and aesthetic beauty of furniture creates cosiness and comfort, allow a person to get a great pleasure from beauty and convenience. Purchasing furniture from Italian masters, a person finds what he was looking for.

Luxurious furniture from Maronese.

Italy is the main supplier of elegantmodern furniture in classical design. Furniture is made in many factories of the country, different styles and directions. Particularly popular was the furniture MARONESE Italy, which, according to customers, occupies the highest places and is valued by lovers of luxury and wealth.

A glorious procession and the conquest of a hugepopularity began with a small family business, which was opened in 1966 by the head of the Polezella family, later the factory was named Maronese and became a trade brand. Today, the products also meet the same quality and convenience as before. It is practical and original, creates and maintains comfort and comfort in the house. A huge selection of colors and materials make furniture diverse, allow each client to choose their own style, it can decorate any room. Furniture is produced for living rooms, offices, kitchens, bathrooms, as a rule, decorated with carvings and paintings.

Original cabinet furniture, tables, chairs,coffee tables, chests of drawers and bedside tables, create and maintain an abundance of air and light and space. If the client wants, the furniture is made to order, which can show the individuality of the decoration. For the production of natural wood is used, which is especially appreciated by the furniture-makers, this is a species of mahogany, beech, maple, cherry and so on. The surface is treated with varnish, which gives the furniture a suspended appearance. All the furniture produced by the Maronese factory is well known to connoisseurs of true art and beauty, as well as from ancient times, enjoys the customers' love today.

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