Slide into the hall: modern, comfortable and beautiful

In many modern apartments there are places forstoring all kinds of things is not so much, but each owner wants to see his home stylish and beautiful. To help in this situation, there can come a wall-slide. Furniture for the hall of this kind is a set of different body elements to create your unique wall. What are the wall slides and how to choose them correctly? Read the article below.

Important elements of the wall-hills

The wall-slide has such a name, because itselements can be aligned in a different sequence. But nevertheless each set should have obligatory component parts. What does the slide include in the hall?

  • Several cabinets with swinging or sliding doors.
  • Curbstones.
  • Bookshelves.
  • Retractable drawers.
  • Shelvings.
  • Racks.
  • Glass showcases.

wall slides in the hall
You can arrange all these elements in the same way asadvises the manufacturer in the instructions, or based on their own taste and needs. With the help of the slides you can create a unique atmosphere in your living room!

How to choose wall material for the hall?

Hills for the hall in the apartment are presented in stores in a huge range. On what to orient the simple buyer at their choice? How to determine the material of furniture manufacturing?

The material from which the wall is made, youcan choose, based on their financial capabilities. The most accessible option is a slide in the hall from the chipboard. Such sheets from above necessarily laminate. Such furniture looks good, but it does not last as long as solid wood furniture. The average price option - a slide from MDF. Such a wall will be an excellent choice, as the material of its manufacture is environmentally friendly.

The hills for the hall in the apartment
Exclusive and costly slides produce fromnatural solid wood. Such furniture looks really presentable. And most importantly, it will last a very long time, because a natural tree is a reliable and strong material.

How to choose a color for furniture in the living room?

That the new furniture harmoniously blends intoThe interior of your living room, think over what color to choose a roller coaster. It should approach the color of the walls, the floor and the rest of the furniture in the room, without interfering with their color palette. Do not forget about your personal preferences, the color of furniture must be like you. In addition, each shade has its own particular influence on the mood and psychological state of a person:

  • White color - a classic shade that fits any interior style and filling.
  • Black color - Ideal for the office, but can be used in the hall. He is able to give the room austerity.
  • Gray and pastel colors activate mental activity.
  • Blue colour - promotes a high concentration of attention.

slide hall furniture
You can choose and wood shades for yourslides. Especially popular are oak, walnut, alder, and shade wenge. Use dark wood shades with extreme caution, because they can easily make a dark and inhospitable room out of your room.

Advantages of the wall-hills

Gorka in the hall - very popular furniture. Rarely now you will find an apartment that does not have this wonderful functional furniture. This popularity is due to a large number of advantages. What is so good about this wall?

  1. Ease of use.
  2. A wide selection of different models and color variations.
  3. All possible shapes and sizes of walls, suitable for rooms of any size.
  4. The ability to create the wall of your dreams on your own.
  5. The composition is safe, stable and functional.

A very important aspect of choosing this furniture is a large capacity. It can store household appliances, dishes, books, clothes and other things.

Wall-slides in the hall and their types

Furniture manufacturers offer their customersseveral types of walls-slides, suitable for the living room, as well as other rooms of the apartment. The main variations of the slide are a miniature wall, linear, U-shaped and angular. The choice of the type of slide must depend on the size and shape of the room in which it will be installed. For a small room, a linear wall is ideal, which can be pulled along one of the walls. Angular hills in the hall most often acquire, if it has a square shape. Such furniture obviously does not save space in the room, as they are installed along two walls. Therefore, it is better not to choose a hill of this kind, if you have a small, albeit a square living room. U-shaped walls are great for a large room.

angular slides in the hall

Miniature Slides

If you want to make your living room easy andspacious, then use a mini-slide. It will occupy very little space in the hall, making it a bright and roomy room. Such a composition consists of several cabinets and shelves. Mini-slide in the hall should consist of a curbstone under the TV and several shelves for books and souvenirs. Such furniture is not represented by a wide range of colors, most often it is made in white, black or pastel colors. The miniature wall has many glass parts.

slide into the hall

The wall-slide will be an excellent decoration for anyliving room. The main thing is to choose it competently. If you want the furniture to please you for a long time, choose it wisely, take your time! Pay attention to the quality of the material, finishing the edges of furniture. If you want to buy furniture with a lot of glass, do not forget that it will have to be carefully tended. Particularly complex maintenance require matte glass and sandblasting. Think before you buy, are you ready for this.

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