The design of the living room in the apartment: stylish solutions

Without a living room, it is impossible to imagine anyapartment or house. Since ancient times, this room is used for reception of guests and evening rest for the whole family. Therefore, the design of the living room has special requirements. It should be convenient and functional enough.

design of a living room in an apartment
There are no special restrictions in the design of thisthe room does not exist. The design of the living room in the apartment can be made in absolutely any style - from classics to high-tech. However, it is necessary to approach the choice of the main direction in the interior with all seriousness. Think about all the details - the main color, wallpaper, additional decorative elements, etc. Furniture is selected in such a way that it harmonizes as much as possible with the finish.

Modern living rooms can have a variety ofdimensions and layout. When choosing a design, these factors must be taken into account. Large rooms can be equipped with a bar and a fireplace. In addition, they are very often divided into two parts - the actual guest and recreation area. The first is usually brightly lit and is on the dais, in the second set the TV and coffee table, mount shelves for books.

design of a living room in a classic style
The design of a living room in an apartment with a large areacan be accented on wallpaper or on furniture. In the first case, the finishing material for the walls should be beautiful, stylish and conspicuous. Furniture in this case use the minimum amount. In the second, convenience is the main condition. Comfortable upholstered furniture, walls, shelves, decorative elements are used.

However, large living rooms boastNot everyone. Most live in apartment buildings, in small apartments. How to design such a room? In this case, it would be appropriate to design a living room in a classic style. It implies some asceticism and simplicity of forms. The wallpaper, of course, should be light. Dark visually reduce space. The picture is better to choose not so large and not too bright. The ideal solution, for example, can be a light olive wallpaper with a slightly darker ornament.

wall for living room
Thinking over the design of the living room in the apartment,be sure to pay attention to the desired color. It can be anything. However, most often for this room uses a pastel color scheme. Of course, it is not forbidden to use contrasts. This living room will look unusually original. But do not forget that this room is intended, first of all, for an evening rest. Therefore, it will be better to perform it in calm tones.

In addition to soft furniture and various decorativeelements, the interior often uses the walls for the living room. In this case, the selection also directly depends on the size of the room. For a large room is suitable multi-purpose full-sized wall. In the small living room, the wall-slide will look good. Different in height and width, the elements visually expand the space.

The design of the living room in the apartment should be carefullythought out. After all, this is, in fact, the main room in the house. Its importance is difficult to overestimate. Here in the evenings the whole family gathers for the TV. In the living room, they organize celebrations and dinner parties. Therefore, it should be as stylish and comfortable as possible.

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