Modular Stairs

It is impossible to imagine two or three storiesa house in which there would not be a ladder. But the usual interstore ladder takes up a lot of space. So if you want to save space and do not clutter free space, it's worth paying attention to the modular staircases that not only save space, but also their undeniable advantage is easy installation and that you yourself can adjust the number of required modules.

From conventional, modular ladders favorably distinguish attractive design, ease of installation, the possibility of an add-on, and of course, an acceptable cost.

What you should pay attention to, if you want buy a finished staircase? First of all, the height and width of degrees. Modular ladders allow you to adjust these parameters at your discretion. But too steep a ladder is dangerous. The optimal size of the steps is 80 * 20 cm.

The links of the modular ladder can be made fromstainless (polished or matte) or structural (polymer coated) steel. The steps used in the modular staircases can be made of both metal and different types of wood, such as beech, oak or ash. Depending on the size of the steps, structures with steel framing and systems with open steps of acrylic, triplex or stone are often used.

For wooden modular stairs usesolid wood that will serve for more than a decade, in addition, such stairs are able to withstand a sufficiently large load. For example, one module can withstand up to 250 kg.

As well as collapsible fences, modular ladders have a fairly simple design, which makes the assembly simple. Modular ladder can be installed independently, for this you do not need special knowledge.

Some features of modular ladders, which must be taken into account during their assembly:

  • The central elements of the modular ladder are notdiffer, which can not be said about the upper and lower module, which must be clearly defined. These stairs are always delivered in disassembled form. Information on how to install a modular ladder you will always find in her passport (keep track of its availability). Counting the number of ladder modules, the first thing to do is to measure the height of the lift, then divide the resulting number by the step step, which is 2.25 cm. So, you get the number of elements from which you need to subtract two (upper and lower).
  • Modular ladders allow you not only convenientclimb and go down from floor to floor, but also become a home decoration. Thanks to the unusual design, they will not take up much space and will last for many years.

A wide range of modular stairs, presented to date, allows you to choose a staircase that will not only be an integral part of the interior, but also its decoration.

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