Cody - a flower from the tropics. Secrets of care

flower codeum
Cody - a flower that attracts attentionbright and rather unusual coloring of leaves. The second name of the plant is Croton. The worst thing that can happen with improper care - the flower will drop all its unusually beautiful leaves. To prevent this, let's look at the most important aspects of the content of such a unique, unlike other plants.

Before buying a flower in the store,think whether you will be able to take care of such a capricious and difficult flower as a coded or coded kineum. If you still decided, then, first of all, carefully select the flower in the store. Do not hesitate to inspect the plant from all sides. Unfortunately, very often it turns out that in stores almost all plants are completely infected with spider mites.

So, the choice is made, the plant is solemnly possibleput it in the space reserved for it. Codium - a flower that prefers a very bright place, its bright color of leaves depends on the amount and brightness of lighting. But direct sunlight to the plant is contraindicated. Although the leaves of the flower and seem quite dense, from the sun they are instantly covered with burns.

coda flower photo

Important point: do not immediately transplant the plant in a new pot, it must first acclimatize. The transplant should be carried out as carefully as possible, it is not necessary to clean the roots, it is enough to simply transfer the earthen litter into a new vase.

Codium - a flower that is inappropriate for himconditions reacts, as a rule, with a copious leaffall. Such a plant does not tolerate drafts, so it is necessary to ventilate the room in winter carefully. In addition, you can not place the flower in the immediate vicinity of batteries and heaters. Codium mix is ​​a flower, which is also contraindicated by sudden temperature jumps.

This plant does not need a rest period, and therefore the air temperature should be the same all year round.

The codium is a flower, which leaves the leaves dull at a low temperature. They can also buy brown at the edges.

codec mix flower

Considering that the coda is a flower whose homeare tropics, he just needs high humidity. Frequent spraying with success will cope with this task. In the summer, you can not take the flower out into the open air, because drafts and sudden changes in temperature will lead to the fact that you can not have a single leaf on the plant.

Cody is a flower (photos are shown), which is very fond of a warm shower. This procedure removes excessive dust and dirt from the leaves.

The main problem of the coding is also harmfulinsects, especially spider mites. This pest just sticks to this plant. The minus of such a parasite is that the tick multiplies very quickly, and if it is not noticed in time, the catastrophe is simply inevitable. To get rid of spider mites, you can treat the leaves with a soap solution. The plant should be isolated from the rest and subsequently treated with special preparations. The treatment should be repeated about a week later for the purpose of prevention.

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