Do I need a chain electric

In construction, in production facilities,estate plots, logging and in other cases when it is necessary to work with wood, as a rule, an integral part of it is a saw. When performing the tasks assigned to them by a conventional manual saw, a large amount of time and costs of physical strength are necessary. Significantly reduces the time and facilitates the work of man in such conditions, a chain saw that can work both from electricity and gasoline. Both types of saws have good characteristics, but differ in their parameters. So, saw chain electric has a number of advantages over gasoline:

saw chain electric
- in comparison with gasoline, electric chainthe saw during operation has a significantly reduced noise level (with the same power parameters), which has a beneficial effect on the operating conditions of the operator;

- no need for electric sawsperiodically carry out engine revision, cleaning, and often repair, as required by gasoline appliances (besides, the gasoline saw constantly requires its special oils, which allow to increase the efficiency of the tool).

- Chain saw electric does not require the operator of certain knowledge of working with an electric tool, except for operational moments and observance of labor protection standards.

saw chain electric

It is worth noting that the chain saw was electricis suitable where small amounts of work are expected, because its performance and low productivity allow a small portion of work to be carried out without stopping without spending human energy at the same time. An important condition for the use of this type of power tool is the presence of an electrical network near a construction site or a zone on which an activity is carried out. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the device.

saw chain electric

As a rule, saw chain electricis purchased for home use and does a great job. That's why most brand manufacturers create their own power tools, focusing on quality, productivity and improving human conditions. Thus, the electric saw becomes an indispensable assistant when cutting trees, dead wood, knots on the backyard, home territory, for sawing wood and preparing them for the winter (on country plots), etc.

In the Russian market saw chain electric is offered by the following manufacturers:

- CHAMPION - saws have a transversely located engine with double insulation. Do not require lubrication of the tire and chain, since this happens automatically. Affordable prices.

GREENLINE - offers compact dimensions, convenient dimensions and lightweight saws. Each model is made of quality components, which allows you to have a high warranty period of work.

FORWARD - saws have high power due to the longitudinal arrangement of the engine and ease of use thanks to a rubberized body that reduces slip.

HUTER - saws are most comfortable to use by the operator. The engine is located longitudinally, automatic chain tensioning, high power, protection from power surges.

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