Which Drawing Plaque?

Many, so let's say the draftsmen, at workfaced with such problems as fatigue and back pain (in the hand) or fatigue and drop in vision. All this inconvenience was due to a long and tedious work process. Whichever drawing tool you choose, drawing board is the main important reason.

The importance of the quality of the work board for any student or professional architect, you will agree, is of paramount importance, since it is their most valuable tool.

Despite the prevalence of computerdevelopment, many graphic designers, artists, architects and ordinary students still prefer the Whatman and pencil. The graphics are applied on a traditional board. Works created on the drawing board can not be easily reproduced or copied. Based on electronic documents, this is possible. Therefore, the drawing board gives the original material, with some degree of copyright protection.

When it comes to choosing a board isconsider the space available to you. Although floorboards are the best choice, you should have a working area where the drawing board will fit freely. Well and if all the same has not carried with space (it is not enough places) it is better to choose certainly portable. To some extent, the height and angle of rotation of the board will be determined by the size of the working area.

What size of the drawing material are you counting on? Formats A1, A2, A3?

Is it really necessary to move the drawing board from place to place?

Students who can use their owndrawing boards at home, as well as in the classroom, you will need a less bulky portable drawing board. In such cases, a strong design is recommended, including a cover for easy transportation from home to the school.

It is also important to consider the degree of abilityrotation of the board. Although some people like to work sitting or standing, the plane of the board should be comfortable for your gaze. Therefore, it is worth considering whether it is possible to control the slope of the board to 45 degrees.

Style and working conditions you choose yourself. This is a very personal choice, and the choice for the assortment of the drawing board today is huge.

The price of the culmits varies depending on the thickness of the board and the brand of the manufacturer.

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