Domestic ants are not long-awaited pets

A normal, normal and acceptable place for that,that the ants built their nests, it is customary to count the streets, but, unfortunately, sometimes they decide to settle in our houses. Ants that can be found on the premises have a very interesting name - "pharaoh ants", they are called by the mistake of a scientist, who suggested that their homeland is Egypt. However, they come from India, and from there they were transported by sailing ships. Fighting domestic ants is a normal phenomenon, because the discomfort from them is very tangible, but is there any significant harm? The ant that lives in the house will not be picked up by a bucket for rubbish, a sugar bowl or a breadbasket. Therefore, such travel, first of all, is a way of spreading microbes. Of course, the danger depends on the state of your garbage can, but also the buckets of your neighbors, because they are free to move where they want.

The fight against domestic ants is quitereally, only you need to take into account the features of life of these insects. First of all, you need to find the nest of these very Pharaoh ants. It can be hidden anywhere - under the tile or under the parquet, so you may need to decently spoil the repair in the apartment. But the food of ants is usually obtained through "working" ants, that is, they are not chosen from the nest, therefore one can destroy all. This is acceptable only if the poison is not of high concentration, and the ant can carry it, before the acid rots his body.

Domestic ants are a serious problem, soas it is very difficult to find their nest, and will have to work hard. There are several ways how to deal with ants in the house. There are recipes that can help you overcome ants:

  • It should be said that they are badly affected by elderberry leaves, sunflower oil, wild mint and wormwood. You can also lubricate the road, which they usually move, with garlic.
  • These insects can be defeated in a very tricky way. You need to pour sugar or honey in a container with water, then the ants will climb into the jar and sink.
  • For a week you can get rid of unwantedguests, resorting to this method - boric acid plus honey (on a teaspoonful), mixed, slightly diluted with water, and laid out along the paths of these insects. They will eat, and feed everyone else, so that they will disappear collectively. Applying this recipe you need to be careful to accidentally your pet did not try this "dish".
  • Domestic ants react with great appetite for meat. So a couple of spoons of minced meat with boric acid will save your apartment, but again you need to watch the animals.

There are, of course, other means to do this,so that the house ants left your house. You can spray dichlorvos all the ways that ants follow. When using special traps (for example, "Raid") pellets that are in them, the ants are carried along the holes, then all the insects die. The action of the gel (example - "Raptor") is based on the fact that by eating it, the ant becomes a carrier of poison and infects everyone. In addition, such a remedy is not harmful to humans, animals, and also easily removed from surfaces. If all your actions have not had results, then you should turn to specialists who have more money in the arsenal to fight the ants.

In order for your home not to appearhome ants, you need to carry out special prevention. First of all, it includes cleanliness in the house. Crumbs, scraps need to be cleaned immediately, the table should be kept clean, the timbers must be cleaned of dirt and grease in a timely manner. Bucket with garbage to take out in a timely manner, and also to change food to domestic pets. If you threw food on the floor, and your dog did not eat it, you need to make sure that it was thrown into the trash can. Also, one should pay attention to how tightly closed the banks where the cereals are stored. The conclusion is that the apartment must be clean.

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