Flower of camellia: how to take care at home

camellia flower
The flower of the camellia is very capriciousa plant that requires constant attention, but with proper care, it stunningly beautiful blossoms. If the content is incorrect, this flower instantly resets the buds and does not bloom. Lighting, humidity and air temperature are the main factors for a good growth of a plant such as a camellia. A flower at home will blossom blossom, if you provide it with sufficient lighting in the first place. The light should be bright, but scattered, excluding direct sunlight from reaching the camellia. It is very important to increase the humidity in the winter. Camellia flower should not be placed near heating batteries and heat sources. In summer, the flower should be taken to fresh air. The balcony or loggia will be for him just an ideal place.

Home flower camellia: correct watering - pledge of abundant flowering

This is really so, because the plant, like all living organisms, simply needs moisture. The flower is watered using water
home-made camellia flower
room temperature, it should not containlime. Earth in the pot can not be strongly moisturized. Flower camellia also negatively respond to drafts and sudden temperature changes. It should be fed with special fertilizers about 2 times a month.

Camellia is prone to disease and attack harmfulof insects. The main problem in such cases is the appearance of spotting on the leaves. The most dangerous pests are the scutes and whiteflies. If the plant suddenly discards the buds, this speaks first of all of the wrong care.

Flower camellia can be propagated by seeds orcuttings as apical, and annual increment, from which the buds are previously removed. Cuttings are well rooted in summer at a temperature of 25 degrees.
camellia flower at home

Camellia flowering can be delayed or movedat a later date. For this, a pot with a plant is put in a dark cool room, the air temperature in which is about 8 degrees. Approximately two weeks before the flowering begins, the pot with camellia is placed in a bright and warm place and must be watered abundantly.

Helpful advice: when transplanting camellias, pay attention to the neck of the stem. It should not be covered with earth. And do not transplant the plants in the period of intensive growth, otherwise they can stop developing and get sick.

In addition, this flower does not tolerate pruning, andno matter how you would like to form a pretty bush, you should not do this. Only weak, discarded shoots can be cut off so that the plant does not lose its decorative appearance. But this procedure must be carried out with caution.

Young plants need to be transplanted eachyear, more adults - after 2 years. When transplanting is recommended to completely replace the ground. For camellias it is better to buy a special soil mixture, it is most suitable for such colors in composition. Some camellias can grow in the open ground, however, only in southern and warm areas. With the onset of spring, camellia bushes throw out an incredible number of buds and flowers, creating a feeling of a fireball. It's fabulously beautiful!

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