What are the thermometers? Kinds and their advantages

To date, thermometers are absolutelyevery house. And recently, more and more popular was the installation of room devices that measure temperature. In addition, do not forget about mercury types of thermometers that measure the temperature of the human body. In general, the range of applications of these devices is very large. On the installation site, there are window, facade, water, room and even bath thermometers. Types of devices by composition and design are less extensive. In addition to the classic mercury, there are infrared and electronic.

External mercury types of thermometers
thermometers types

Photo No. 1 shows us the standard windowthermometer, which is, probably, in every apartment. Its main advantage is high accuracy of measurement and a small price. However, due to the use of such a hazardous metal as mercury, it is very dangerous to use it at home. And in order not to provoke depressurization of the device, it is necessary to protect it from various mechanical damages. However, for outdoor thermometers it is not so important, as, for example, for household, measuring the temperature of the human body. As for the scale, window thermometers show temperatures from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius. They are usually installed on a window frame or on a glass. But that's not all devices.

Electronic thermometers

Types of external (window) devices are notconfined to mercury thermometers. For example, an electronic device (indicated on the second photo) is very interesting. It has a small sensor, a wire and a liquid crystal display.

types of thermometers photo
This design allows you to controloutside air temperature without leaving the sofa. How does it work? On the street sensors are displayed that measure the temperature and transmit the signal through the wires to the display. Thus, the electronic thermometer can be mounted in almost any room to monitor its readings from there.

Water thermometers

Types of such devices are most often targetedfor bathing small children. Parents use them to control the temperature of the water during bathing, which is especially important for newborns. The scale of such devices is designed for readings from +10 to +50 degrees Celsius. In this case, some water thermometers are supplied with a red mark on a scale of 37 degrees Celsius. This indicator is just the most optimal for bathing children.

types of thermometers
Also some thermometers (species and varietiesmercury) can take the form of little animals and cartoon characters, which attracts the attention of a child who knows the world around him. However, remember that in the hands of a child such a thermometer can be damaged. And this means that mercury can simply depressurize, which is very dangerous for human health. Therefore, in this case, select devices that are as much as possible protected from mechanical damage or electronic. But the latter have much more value than mercury thermometers. Degrees that measure the temperature of a person's body can be mercury, electron and infrared. The third option is the safest and most accurate of its kind, so store it in your home medicine cabinet.

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