Ants drevotochtsy: description, reproduction and ways of fighting

In the people of good people they say: "An ant does not offend." But sometimes these small, but very persistent insects compel them to fight. This applies in the first place to the ant-woodworm. How do they interfere, and how to force them to go away? How to get rid of the ant-dregs in the house?

Description of ants

Houses made of wood are eco-friendly, they are warm in winter andcool in the summer. But sometimes uninvited guests are peopled to the owners. And if the rats or mice cause damage to the obvious, then the dart-ants at first glance may seem harmless. But actually it is not. Usually representatives of this species live in the forest. There they do not bother anyone. But often these insects build their anthills near the habitation. And it does not matter, from what a person built a house - from brick, clay or concrete. Although most often the ants settle and build their nests near the wooden structures. They use wood as a building material for their home. A large number of moves penetrated inside the tree make it loose. Ants undermine the lower logs, as a result of which the house slowly but surely collapses.

ants woodpeckers

Red-chested ant-tree-wood is quite large: the length of the trunk of males reaches 12 mm, and the females are slightly larger - 15 mm. Body color is brown or black, chest is red. The body of the ant is divided into segments. The abdomen is oval, and the thorax is thin, cubic in shape with smooth curves from above. A pair of antennae, antennae and large jaws are noticeable on the head. Females differ from males by the presence of wings, which they discard after mating. Sometimes wings can be found in males. The main part of the ant-woodworm is workers. They find building material and drag it into an anthill, they are engaged in construction work.

Signs of the presence of ants in the house

Ants-woodworms leave behind themselves traceslife - wooden trash, resembling externally flour. This is a building material for the nest of insects. It's easiest to notice early in the morning or in the evening. It is then that they have a period of collecting construction materials. Among the trash and sawdust, dead insects are often found.

black ant woodworm

Ants move one after the other, so they are easily seen on the floor or near the walls of the house.

Following these labors, you can quicklydetermine the place they chose. Proof of the fact that the dervo-ants settled near the house are rather large eggs of white color, hidden in the nest. If the trash is located next to the wooden building, carefully examine the walls of the house, pierce the walls with a thin screwdriver. This will help to detect the moves inside the tree.

Sometimes woodworm build in the vicinity of the housewhole colony. In this case, they lay trails between the individual nests. Sometimes they can pass through the territory of the house. There they easily penetrate through microscopic cracks.

Where to look for ants

  • Woodworms settle in a damp tree, because of the effect of water it becomes soft. In such a material, making holes is much easier. Therefore, investigate the outlet of the sewer.
  • Check the available door mats.
  • Inspect the foundation and courtyards.
  • They look for wood-dwellers in the grass, lawns, under bushes.
  • Explore the area around the young trees. Usually it is covered with a thick layer of wet mulch or leaves, in which ants like to settle. To find them, rake the mulch and inspect the ground.
  • Woodpeckers can settle in compost piles. Sometimes they settle in the floor, in pot plants.

ants woodworkers in the house

How to prevent the appearance of ants

Do not wait for the ants to appear in the house. You should take all possible measures so that they do not appear.

To this end, cut branches that leanclose to the windows. All flowers, vegetables and fruits are inspected and shaken to prevent insects from entering the house. You can not leave on the site of a heap of rubbish, branches, last year's leaves. They can become a sanctuary for ants-woodworms.

Inside the house you need to keep it clean, often wash the floors, cover the trash can. Do not leave unwashed dishes. Windows should be covered with nets, doors should not be left open.

If there are ant heaps around the site,The danger of their resettlement in the house increases. To scare off uninvited guests, you can spill substances with a pungent odor. These are essential oils, pepper, turmeric, cinnamon.

Woodpeckers or termites

Externally, the black ant-woodworm is similar to a termite. In order to determine the type of insects, you need to carefully look at them and their actions. The presence of rubbish along the paths of their movement indicates that it is woodworms.

Termites feed on wood, and woodworms only dig in it tunnels like tunnels. The roads of ants are better to look for early in the morning or in the evening.

How to find a nest

How to get rid of woodworm ants? First you need to find their nest. To do this, it is necessary to follow the movement of insects along the paths planned by them. They will show traces of rubbish, which is carried by large black ants. The woodworm lives in damp trees, lying poles, boards, leaving noticeable twisting passages on them. Near the nest, the amount of tritium increases significantly.

red-chested wood ant

In addition, you can search for places on the tree, where the wood is most damp. It is there that the ants-woodworms like to place their nests. How to get rid of them?

How to deal with woodwormers

There are several ways to deal with woodwormers. Which one to choose depends on several conditions.

You can use chemical and naturalmeans of fighting insects. It is better to use organic folk remedies near the house. Especially if there are children and animals there. But in some cases it is necessary to use chemicals in inaccessible places.

ants antler

You can act radically and destroy the nestants. If done soon after they are settled, they will leave. But they can move to another place or settle in several colonies, creating new problems.

Good bait in the fight against ants. Their action is prolonged and more reliable.

Нужно остерегаться попадания муравьев на кожу рук. In a calm state, they do not harm a person. But in the event of an attack on the nest, it begins to hurt biting. The burning sensation is also amplified by the fact that they inject into the wound formic acid.

The mechanism of action of toxic bait

If you get to the nest is difficult, not far fromdwellings of insects establish toxic baits. It's good to mix their contents with sweet foods. Ants, having discovered a "treat", try it themselves and put it in an anthill. There they infect their brethren, as a result of which they perish. From infection to death is three days.

Now popular are gel baits,such as "Anteater", "Clean House", "Great Warrior". They are mixed with jam or sprinkled with sugar. Near one nest set 3 baits. It is better to choose those that are slow. Then the ant will probably have time to get into the anthill and transfer the poison.

Gel baits are very effective. They help get rid of insects forever. Treatment with chemicals should be carried out in a respirator, making sure that they do not get on the skin of hands and face, in the respiratory tract. After handling, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.

big black dervot ants

Fighting with the help of nebulizers

A nest that can be easilyDestroy using sprayers. They place a special powder - a remedy for ants-woodworm. In shops that specialize in protection against various pests, there is a wide selection of such drugs. You can use ready-made sprays: Dichlorvos, Regenta, Raptor. Direct the jet towards the nest. The treatment is carried out several times. It is better to do this in the evening, when all the ants will return home.

Do not spray sprays of the path by which the insects move. The drug will scare the working ants, who will soon build themselves another path, and the uterus will remain and will multiply further.

Remember: similar products are highly toxic. Therefore, applying them to combat ants-woodworms in the house, you must follow the instructions for using the drug. Do not spray sprays in areas where children or pets can enter.

Use chemical means in a respirator and protective suit. Hands protect with gloves.

Use of boric acid

Boric acid is used to control variousinsects, including those with arboretum ants. To do this, mix it with sugar in a ratio of 2: 1. The resulting mixture is placed in a small bowl and placed around the nest. Ants go to sugar, along with it gets into the body and boric acid. It dissolves the insect from the inside. Workers bring boric acid into the nest. So it will get to females and other inhabitants, destroying them.

ants how to get rid of woodworms

Folk ways of fighting

If chemical methods can not be used, try to use folk remedies:

  • Fill the nest with boiling water or vinegar. In this case, a significant part of the ants is killed.
  • Use the arrows of garlic (thrust them into an anthill). Insects are afraid of this strong smell.
  • Install the dishes near the anthill with bait from sugar syrup. The ants creep into it and regale.
  • Mix yeast with water and sugar or coffee grounds, from which insects perish.
  • Prepare a black soap by mixing 400 g of laundry soap, 200 g of kerosene and carboxylic acid (2 tbsp.). Dilute with warm water and pour an anthill. Repeat 2 days later 3 times.
  • To destroy an anthill this method will only work if it is away from home. Fill it with kerosene and set it on fire.

You can use one or several different ways to get rid of the ant-woodworm.

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