Fighting ants in the garden

Fighting ants in a garden plot is a very tricky business, as it is necessary to determine precisely the method of struggle, otherwise their reproduction can do great harm to all that grows.

Fighting ants in the garden

How can you destroy ants

The first way: to find an anthill or loosen the soil next to the culture (in most cases they live there) and pour boiling water.

Method two: fighting ants in the garden can give a positive result, if you sprinkle an ants nest with tobacco dust or lime.

Method three: ants do not tolerate specific smells: smoked herring, garlic (each slice should be cut), tomato tops, parsley leaves. Even the smell of the decoction of the tomato leaves (the more concentrated, the more effective) is suicidal for them.

Way four: the fight with ants in the garden area can be effective if you take a corrugated cardboard, the width of which is about twenty centimeters, and sprinkle it with a solution of soot or sprinkle with cinnamon. Then put a sheet around an anthill or put it on top. It is generally believed that the place with this odor of ants will leave irrevocably.

Method five: he is rather eccentric - you need to pour a nest with ants with urine.

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The sixth way, through which the struggle againstants in the garden should be stopped once and for all: a mixture must be poured into the center of the anthill, which should consist of ten liters of water, two glasses of vegetable oil, shampoo (any) and vinegar. From above, cover all this with a film and wait a couple of days.

Method seven: you can get rid of ants if you prepare a solution of the following ingredients: 300 grams of fresh wormwood or 30 grams of dry must be poured with ten liters of cold water and let it brew for several hours. Received infusion does not need to be planted, just need to spray this compound nests.

Method eighth: You can drive out ants with the help of vegetable oil, including sunflower oil. To do this, you need to take a rake, level the anthill so that you can see the moves, which, naturally, will be quickly restored by the ants. Further it is necessary to water the courses with oil several times until the insects leave this anthill.

Destroy the Ants

There is another very interesting waystruggle with ants, however it is worth using it or not - this is a personal choice of everyone. And it consists in bringing from the forest of red ants, which, logically, simply "survive" black, but whether the game is a candle is a question.

If the above methods do not help, it remainsthe last, proven - chemical treatment. However, in itself it conceals an underwater stone - chemistry will fall into the plants through the root system, through the leaves or in some other way, and can be on the table along with the fruits. Therefore, we try to get rid of ants by safe methods, saving the chemical as the last option.

Naturally, the fight against mosquitoes on the site can not be compared with the struggle with ants, but sometimes it is quite difficult, but this is a topic for a separate article.

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