Thermal underwear: how to wash without loss of quality. Manual and machine wash, tips and tricks

With the approach of colds, the need to insulateprompts people to buy thermal underwear. How to wash it and take care of it, they do not know yet. And often users are nervous before washing, for fear of ruining a valuable and very expensive thing for health. And this is a very likely outcome of illiterate actions. Violation of the rules of operation leads to deformation of warming clothing and to a significant decrease in thermal insulation properties.

thermal underwear how to wash

"Manual mode"

The "basin" method is especially recommendedmanufacturers, since to wash thermo underwear by hand means to care for it as sparingly as possible. And the water is heated to the temperature of the human body - and this is the maximum. As a tool, it is advised to use soap, which is better than usual, cosmetic, but it is possible and economic, without excessive strength. Allowed and the introduction of certain additives like rinsers, air conditioners or antistatic agents. At the end of the wash, the thermal underwear is scrupulously rinsed and wrung out without twisting. Water that can not be squeezed out should drain naturally.

And, of course, do not try to boil thermal underwear. How to wash it with strong soiling is a separate matter. You can use soft stain removers, but in no case should not be subjected to extreme effects.

how to wash thermo underwear manually

Machine washable

Quite a long time there was an opinion that "postirushki"should be conducted exclusively in the old manner. However, this is a myth, since it is still possible to erase thermal underwear in a washing machine. But - in compliance with certain conditions.

First, a sparing regime is set, that isthe drum speed decreases until the delicate fabrics are washed. Secondly, the maximum temperature threshold is 30 Celsius, not higher. Some landladies believe that 60 degrees are permissible, but the vast majority of thermal suits quickly lose their properties in such conditions. Thirdly, it is necessary to turn off the spinning, even at low revs - it will stretch, deform and become ordinary, without the prefix "thermo". Fourth, it is better to use liquid detergents: they soften the tissues.

how to wash thermal underwear in a washing machine

Than to erase

Having understood how to wash thermal underwear in washingmachine or manually, we will pay a little attention to the means that can improve the quality of washing, but do not damage the products themselves. It is clear that you can not use aggressive powders, especially those containing an alkaline component. However, we note that even "gentle" quality conventional remedies leave behind a certain feeling of stickiness of clothes. The ideal solution is the purchase of special powders, developed under thermal underwear. They are worth more than usual, but significantly prolong the life of clothing. Impregnation of the fabric, they do not spoil, help to remove an unpleasant odor, accelerate drying, parallel strengthening the tissue and saving its properties. The consumption of a special powder will not be so great as to tangibly impact the budget, so you can spend a little.

how to wash polyester thermal underwear

Harmless drying

It is not enough to know how to properly wash thermal underwear, it is also necessary to dry it properly. Prohibited:

  1. Drying in the "stilalka", if it has such a function.
  2. Placement of thermal underwear on radiators.
  3. Hanging products near heat sources.

Ideal option - hanging thermal underwear onFresh air, and wherever direct sunlight does not fall. However, this is not always realistic, so you can place it on ordinary dryers, only away from batteries and in a ventilated room.

Thermal underwear: how to wash depending on the variety

The material from which the things you love are made can be different. And the approaches to washing should take it into account. There may be options.

  1. Fleece thermal underwear is most undemanding. It can be pressed in the machine at low speed. Do not forbid ironing, however, the temperature should be gentle. Moreover, fleece does not lose its properties with delicate dry cleaners.
  2. Quite different rules, how to wash thermal underwear frompolyester. It categorically can not be dried "artificially" and subjected to loads in the drum when twisting. In general, when studying the rules of washing it is better to follow the recommendations for polyester products: an additional guarantee that you do not harm your purchase.
  3. Another nuance - naches, which often has thermal underwear. How to erase such a variety? Like any other, just turning the "suit" inside out.

Occurs, though rarely, thermal underwear fromnatural fabrics - wool or cotton. It can even be dried on a battery (although we would not risk) and iron at 110 degrees - but only through a moistened cloth.

how to properly wash thermal underwear

Washing frequency

When a person buys thermal underwear, how to washoften - not the main question. No less important is the determination of the available washing frequency. Fearing to damage the structure of the product, people try to resort to its purification as rarely as possible. And make a mistake. With occasional laundering, pores are clogged in linen (similar to how they are plugged at a rarely washable person). And all the main functions of thermal underwear is due to them. With serious pollution, he lost the ability to remove moisture, keeping the heat, so that the laundry begins to make life easier, but to impede it. Quality products, while observing the rules of care for them, do not lose any properties and qualities when washing. On the contrary, they only support the functionality of the laundry at the desired level.

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