How to assemble a wardrobe: choose the right model

Previously, the definition of "closet-compartment" was not sowidespread among consumers of a wide range, but recently this piece of furniture is gaining increasing popularity. Among the consumers there is a tendency to use this element of furniture in their interior without fail. Modern manufacturers offer the attention of consumers a variety of models of sliding-door wardrobes: ready-made and custom-made, detached and recessed, angular and curly. And you can collect and install such a piece of furniture yourself. However, before assembling the wardrobe, it must be bought or ordered, and it is necessary to determine in advance for which purposes it will be used.

how to build a wardrobe

Today, a suitably sized wardrobealmost always can be purchased to order according to an individually designed project with specific dimensions in a particular apartment. Such a construction will always be more convenient than the factory one, because it will be much easier to assemble a wardrobe in certain sizes. In addition, when installing such furniture, firstly, the space in the apartment is substantially saved (especially this solution will be for owners of small-sized dwellings), and secondly, maximum functionality and spaciousness are manifested. In addition, an individually designed project involves a unique and exclusive design of furniture, which will only be with you! Especially if you already know in what room and under what interior its installation is planned, whether it will be built-in furniture in the hallway or corner wardrobe in the bedroom.

corner cupboard in the bedroom
As mentioned earlier, this kind of furniture can beboth stand alone and built-in, the latter being quite convenient for existing vacant niches in the apartment or small storerooms. The built-in wardrobe is notable for the fact that there is no need to make a full-fledged case - all these products have three walls (for example, if you buy a wardrobe in the living room at the entire height of the ceilings), and this is a considerable saving on both material and installation works.

Disadvantages of the built-in wardrobe can be consideredthe same three walls. Without a common panel, with only a frame and a large doorway, the life of your cabinet may not be so long, as the deformation and wear of the sliding mechanisms in this case come faster than full-fledged wardrobes. And the shelf can create a problem - as you know, there are no perfectly flat walls. Therefore, before assembling the wardrobe, the shelves will have to be adjusted to specific walls. In addition, you can install such furniture only once: to change the cabinet to another place or to transport it to a new apartment will be impossible.

wardrobe in the living room

Given these nuances, it is still worth listening toadvice to professionals and buy a full cabinet, which has all the walls, floor and ceiling, since it is not difficult to assemble the closet of such a plan, even if you do not install it correctly. The resulting gaps can be masked with decorative slats.

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