How to cool the water in the aquarium? Cooling methods

The hot sun is heating up the apartment, and with itand your aquarium. Far from all its inhabitants such tropics will be liked. Therefore, the owner will have to think about how to cool the water in the aquarium before his pets start to over-heat. In fact, there are many ways to do this. If you think about it and come up with a fantasy, you can find new, original solutions. However, let's talk about everything in order.

how to cool water in an aquarium

Measuring instruments

This is a necessity that is often neglectedbeginning aquarists. If you have thermophilic fish or ordinary guppies that normally survive in the temperature range of 15 to 30 degrees, then you can sleep peacefully. But barbs and goldfish will stop eating as soon as the water temperature rises above 27. Yes, and tropical beauties feel good at a temperature of 24 to 26 degrees. This is not to mention snails and aquarium plants, which do not tolerate overheating. Thus, before you think how to cool the water in the aquarium, you must definitely install a thermometer.

how to cool water in an aquarium in summer

Temperature above the critical mark

To sound an alarm you need to start when the columnthermometer rose above 26 degrees. In this case, it is urgent to decide how to cool the water in the aquarium. At the same time, if there is a huge amount of heating devices of all shapes and sizes, then everything is very modest with the coolers. There are practically no special offers on the market that could make life easier for the inhabitants of your home pond.

First of all, moms need to think about how toLower the temperature in the room in which the aquarium stands. To do this, all methods are suitable. The ideal solution will be a modern climate control system or air conditioning. In this case, you no longer have to worry about the temperature of the water, unless it is heated for the most heat-loving inhabitants. And if there is no air-conditioner in the room, and the sun burns mercilessly?

how to cool the water in the aquarium in the heat

Close the windows

Since cooling the water in the aquarium is sufficient.difficult, try to create favorable conditions for this. First of all, you can remember about the dense curtains, with which the windows are hung. This avoids the heating of water in the aquarium by direct sunlight. However, the air temperature in the room is still rising, which means that the water will also heat up.

In this case, a good solution is toScreen films on windows and on the aquarium itself. Perfect for this is the shiny material that is covered from inside the refrigerator bags. This screen allows you to protect your room and home flowers from overheating, but at the same time maintains normal conditions for the life of fish.

how you can cool the water in the aquarium

We remember the school course of physics

Talking about how to cool the water in an aquariumin the summer, it is necessary to remember, due to what cooling can occur? That's right, by evaporation. To use this mechanism, it is necessary to wrap the aquarium with a dense, wet cloth. As it dries it will need to be wetted again. Evaporation will cool the walls of the aquarium, and you will achieve the desired effect.

Aquarium Lid

Finding out how you can cool the water in the aquarium, notforget about the simplest method. Open the lid and increase the evaporation. Due to this, the temperature of the water will start to decrease sharply. If you are worried that the fish can jump out, then tighten the top with a thin cloth or gauze.

The second point is aquarium lamps. In a strong heat it is necessary to disconnect them, as they themselves heat water.

how quickly to cool the water in the aquarium

Size matters

Indeed, if we talk about how to coolwater in the aquarium in the heat, then immediately the question arises as to what volume is involved. A small container in the sun is literally boiling, and it happens quickly enough. However, it is much easier to cool water in it. If we are talking about capacity for many hundreds of liters, then such a machine is more difficult to heat, but the reverse process will be more difficult.

A much more stable temperature in largeaquariums. Here, its inhabitants have the opportunity to go to the bottom layers, which do not warm up so much, and to wait out a strong heat. Therefore, if you do not have an air conditioner, then choose an aquarium with a volume of at least 300-500 liters.

how to cool the water in the aquarium yourself

Frequent water changes

In the bathroom, the temperature is usually much lower,than in all the others. In the heat here you should have a few buckets of water for standing up constantly. In other respects, the principle is clear. Pour hot water from the aquarium and add fresh water. However, a sharp change can damage your underwater inhabitants. Therefore, it is desirable to perform partial replacement, for 10-15%. If possible, this procedure can be performed every hour.

Aeration of water as a way to reduce temperature

Why many seasoned aquarists are so anxiousa question, how quickly to cool water in an aquarium? First of all, because when the water temperature rises, the amount of oxygen dissolved in it decreases sharply. That is, aeration on hot days is very necessary and important. In this case, you can use some tricks. For example, move the filter closer to the surface of the water so that it creates movement. If you have an external filter installed, install a flute pouring water over the surface of the water. With the lid open, this will enhance gas exchange and cool the water.

how to cool the water in the aquarium with your own hands

Technique on the verge of fiction

In fact, today there are already systemsmonitoring the life of the aquarium. It does not only heat water, control its hardness and softness, but can also cool if necessary. This happens with the help of special tanks, which contact with copper tubes filled with freon. Water, passing through them, becomes cold. But such systems are too expensive to be popular.

Aquarists usually go out their positions mucheasier. They remove the lamps from the lid of the aquarium and install the fans in their place. You can just take a home fan and send it to the surface of the water.

Ice cubes

How do we make cool tea in the summer? We throw ice into it and enjoy its taste. The same principle can be adopted, if the question arose, how to cool the water in the aquarium yourself. If you have a small aquarium, then just freeze the cubes and throw them into the vessel. The temperature falls quickly enough, but it needs to be monitored, since soon the water will again heat up.

If the aquarium is large, this method is not suitable. You need a few pounds of ice to normalize the temperature of the water. Why not? We take plastic bags or plastic bottles (2 liters), fill with water and freeze. Now gently place this vessel on the bottom of the aquarium and observe the temperature. Remember that a large volume of ice very quickly and strongly lowers the temperature, so be prepared to stop the experiment. This is the most effective way. In addition, he can help out if you go away for a long time, and the street is very hot. Then throw a packet of ice, close the curtains and go about their business.

Use the filter

If you have an internal filter installed, itcan become an assistant. Since to cool the water in the aquarium with your own hands is the easiest way with the help of ice, then freeze cubes in the freezer, and then open your filter. From it you need to remove the bast and what it is attached to. Instead, ice is poured into the container. Water in this case cools very quickly, so it is important to monitor the temperature and turn off the filter as needed. Do not forget that useful bacteria live in the bast. It must be left to float in the aquarium, otherwise you can overdry it, and they will perish.

Let's sum up the results

As you can see, there are really a lot of ways. You can choose one of them or use a whole range of measures. It depends, first of all, on how hot it is on the street. If one day stood the heat and a breeze rose, then, most likely, nothing of the described you will not be useful. But if the heat is not the first week and the whole house is hot, like an oven, you will have to show the wonders of ingenuity, so that your fish normally endure this summer.

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