When can a child sleep on a pillow? We'll find out!

The birth of a baby is the most beautiful event in the world.family, connected with touching troubles. Not always young parents know the subtleties of caring for the baby and the requirements that should be fulfilled for its comfortable development. It is worth considering the important question of when a child can sleep on a pillow?

Many pediatricians claim that before your year,The crumb does not need it at all. He can perfectly feel on an even mattress, putting the handles under the cheek. Parents try to make their child's sleep most comfortable, so they are tormented by doubts: put a pillow in the crib or not.

when you can sleep on a pillow
Let's look more in detail so exhilaratingThe question is, when can a child sleep on a pillow? Many people negatively relate to this subject in a baby crib for an absolutely simple reason: a baby can roll over in his sleep on his tummy and duck his nose in the pillow, which will lead to difficulty breathing.

But all children are different, and there are exceptions whenit is possible for a child to sleep on a pillow, and this is even recommended by surgeons because of some problems with the spine. In this case, it is recommended to purchase an orthopedic pillow designed specifically for toddlers.

With close observation of your crumbs, youyou will notice whether or not he really needs this attribute for sleep. The main indicator when a child can sleep on a pillow is the following: if you often see how he tries to build from the edge of a blanket his own likeness or pulls various toys under his head. In this case, you should not flatly deny him this pleasure.

on which pillow does the child sleep
It also happens that the baby tries to lie down on your pillow. This also indicates the willingness to use this bedroom accessory.

Deciding on a purchase, you may run intoon which pillow to sleep the child. Of course, the choice of this product on the shelves of stores is not so small, as it was before, but still it is worth paying attention to some of the nuances in choosing.

First of all, it is very important that the material fromwhich is made of a pillow, was natural. Synthetic can cause the child to have an allergic reaction. But down pillows, although they are natural, can also cause this. You can also find a filler like buckwheat husk - it is quite heavy, but it perfectly takes the necessary shape for the comfort of your child. No less important are the size of the pillow. The most acceptable for crumbs - 60 cm by 40 cm. Among orthopedic in our time, you can find quite a few options, of course, the choice is yours. The seller-consultant can offer such an option as a pillow-butterfly, which is a roller closed in a ring, in the middle - a recess designed to adjust to the specific structure of the baby's head. There is also a cushion-lock, thanks to which the baby can sleep in a fixed position in advance by the parents: either on the side or on the back. And one more option can offer you for consideration - it is a pillow-headrest. Its dimensions correspond to the size of the crib, and the advantages of such a cushion are that the crumb does not slip off it.

when a child sleep on a pillow

Undoubtedly, the decision about when a child sleeps onpillow, all parents take their own, relying on the needs of their own crumbs. After all, the most important thing is for the baby to have a comfortable sleep. Only then, waking up in the morning with a smile, he will be happy to spend the day with Mom. And no whims will not overshadow your happiness from communication.

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