Development of speech in the second younger group. Exercises

Development of speech in the second younger group is a complex of systematicclasses aimed at enriching the vocabulary of the child, the ability to coherently express their thoughts. Classes should be held regularly, at least two or three times a week. The second younger group is the age of children in the interval from four to five years. It is this period in modern psychological science that is considered the most favorable for replenishment of the passive and active vocabulary. In this article, we'll look at a few cognitive exercises that will give your child a tangible benefit.

Story from the picture

The teacher spreads the pictures andgives the task to compose the story, drawing on the illustration. During the response, the child is allowed to look at the picture, which creates a sense of self-confidence. After all, even if the kid forgets something, then, after looking at the picture, he will be able to remember and continue his narration. The composition of the story on a specific illustration perfectly develops memory, trains imagination, promotes the development of speech.

development of speech in the second younger group

Just think: Before you start telling, the child needs to mentally prepare for an answer. He will necessarily start looking for suitable words to look in the eyes of the educator and classmates an intelligent, knowledgeable boy or girl. The development of speech in the second junior group of the kindergarten begins with a conscious desire to perform well and striving to do it as best as possible. Often, a cohesive story is offered on pedagogical commissions and various open classes, when it is possible to assess the child from adults.

"Fourth extra"

This is a great game to playhome with a child. It is also used in classes in kindergarten. The development of speech in the second younger group can not do without comparison, analysis and synthesis. The essence of the exercise is as follows: before the child are laid out images of animals, birds, objects or people, three pictures from which you can logically rank as one group, and the fourth remains superfluous. As illustrations, three illustrations of three domestic animals and one wild, pieces of furniture and clothes are perfect.

Synonyms and antonyms

Although young children aged four to five yearsstill do not know these terms, they can be dealt with in such a way that a clear example of acquaint them with these concepts. The development of speech for junior groups is based, first of all, on the correct organization and approach to studies. Since children are still small enough to study the Russian language, naturally, they are introduced only to those components that arouse their interest and are easily remembered. For example, the educator can name the word "white" and give the task to pick up to it the opposite meaning ("black"). When children understand the essence, it is advisable to invite them to come up with their own words with the opposite meaning. The kids will really like this lesson!

development of speech second junior group

Forming the ability to select synonyms and antonymsto words is an important component in working with preschoolers. The development of speech in the 2nd younger group contributes to the general mental well-being of the child, the formation of the ability to think analytically, to resort to comparison, the synthesis of objects.

Amazing work

This exercise can be performed only whenprovided that children are given a task in advance to make something with their own hands. This can be an article made of cardboard, colored paper, fabric or plasticine. At home it is necessary to make a coherent story together with the parents: why this thing is needed, what is its use, where it is applied, etc. It is desirable to discuss the topic in advance, but it is possible to leave the children the right to choose. Then the story will turn out to be more lively and natural.

development of speech in the second junior group of the kindergarten

As a rule, children with great pleasuretalk about their favorite toys when they bring them to the kindergarten. Here they do not even have to ask for it! Use this method. If you see that the kid does not release a plush rabbit or a typewriter from his hand, approach him, ask him to tell about her. You will see, with what readiness he will begin to share with you impressions.


Surely your pupils at home havesome animal. Give for the weekend task to watch a four-legged friend: how and what he eats, when he goes to bed, what attention he requires. Maybe the child, inspired by this idea, will immediately make up for you a whole story, in which he will certainly mention the habits of his pet and extraordinary abilities.

development of speech for younger groups

Development of speech in the second younger group occurs on the enthusiasm, the shown interest to the surrounding world. Even without conducting a special lesson, you can find an excuse to talk with children about this or that subject.

What are the professions?

Children often like to imagine themselves braveSailors embarking on dangerous and exciting adventures. The topic of professional training for them is more than interesting, because it belongs to the adult world. Everyone knows how popular games are in a doctor, a hairdresser, a driver. A careful educator will always be able to find an individual approach to each child: learns about his hobbies, interests, dreams, aspirations. You can ask the baby who he is going to be in the future. This is the development of speech. The second junior group is a great opportunity to learn something new, both for the children themselves, and for those who participate in their upbringing. Be closer to the guys, share their joys and failures, then they will trust you.

development of speech in the 2nd younger group

Thus, the development of speech in the second younger group is a complex and highly organized process of interaction between an adult and a child.

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