Scenario "Agit Brigade for a healthy lifestyle": a description and interesting ideas. Scenario speech by the propaganda team for a healthy lifestyle

People are used to spending time at ease andoriginally. Therefore, the script of the propaganda campaign "For a healthy lifestyle" should be considered and bright. It is not difficult to come up with such a scenario, it is quite simple to decide which aspects of the right way of life will be imitated.

scenario of the propaganda team for a healthy lifestyle

What should be included in the speech on "Healthy Lifestyle"

In order for the presentation to be catchy and interesting,You need to think clearly about the scenario. "The Agit Brigade for a Healthy Lifestyle" is a speech that should make everyone think about their behavior and actions. That everything went in the best way, you can take as a basis the following factors:

  • Harm to smoking.
  • Harm to alcohol.
  • The use of sporting events in any form.
  • The use of hardening and water procedures at any time of the year.
  • Proper nutrition can also become the main theme for the competition for propaganda "For a healthy lifestyle."

The script should have a profound meaning and convey important and necessary information to the audience. The key to success in the performance is satisfied viewers and an understanding of what is happening on stage.

Where can a propaganda team conduct such an event

Speech about a healthy lifestyle can be organized in the following institutions:

  1. Nursing home.
  2. School.
  3. Kindergarten.
  4. Children's Health Camp.
  5. In hospitals.
  6. At public mass events.

interesting scenarios of the propaganda team for a healthy lifestyle

In principle, to conduct speeches aimed aton a healthy lifestyle, you can anywhere. The main thing is to correctly place the accents and pick up the scenario of the propaganda campaign "About a healthy lifestyle", which is most suitable for the prospective audience.

What kind of audience can I collect for viewing

Depending on the audience to which the speakers are oriented, there may be a different scenario. "Agit Brigade for a healthy lifestyle" may interest such a public:

  • People who are not living the right way. Such a concert will let them know how important it is to pay attention to their health.
  • Schoolboys and children from kindergarten. Such an audience only forms the perception of life and possibilities. At this age it is important to lay the right foundation in the consciousness of the younger generation. Correctly compiled scenario of the propaganda campaign "For a healthy lifestyle" will entice and deserve the attention of young spectators.
  • Also like the presentation on the subjectthe right way of life for the elderly. The new information will help them to positively tune. Also they will be able to take for themselves something useful from what they saw on the show.
  • People who are overweight will also beit is very interesting to see a presentation on the topic of a healthy lifestyle. In particular, such a group of viewers will benefit from a scenario aimed at the benefits of healthy eating and self-hypnosis.

original scenarios of the propaganda team for a healthy lifestyle

In general, the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle will be of interest to everyone, most importantly - it's right to choose topics for the invited audience.

Original scenarios of the propaganda team "For a healthy lifestyle" in schools

Within the walls of school institutions such performancescan be carried out, starting from the age group of students. In any case, the emphasis should be placed on important aspects that shape the right way of life. For example, you can take the following scenario:


A cheerful song plays, the presenter and all the participants of the program come to her.


-Today you are welcome, we are happy,

For us, all meetings with you as rewards.

We will tell you how to live properly,

It's good to eat, to be friends with sports.

Participants come out in hamburger and carrot suits and start a dialogue.


-My children are very fond of everything in the world, everything in the world.

I am responsible for all of them, because I am a loaf with a chop.

And also in me mayonnaise and mustard, ketchup with chemistry, so that I could taste better.

Today I want to ask, guys, because I've always been your favorite?


-Stand, stop talking, it's harmful to eat very much,

Baby, believe me, it's bad for the stomach, do not listen to it.

But carrots - other things,

It is useful for growth, strengthens the eyes, still fills you with vitamins,

I hope that each of you knows this.


"But I'm more nutritious, and I'm very tasty,

I'm juicy, nutritious, I'm fed up.

script agitation team our choice of a healthy lifestyle


-You are harmful, especially for children's stomachs,

Finish, please, this song.

And now, guys, I invite those who want to participate in the contest. Called our contest "Harmful and useful." The kids run out, and Carrot and Hamburger tell the rules.

On two tables lie inverted pictures. Each of the cards draws different food items. The task of the children is to decompose the figures into two small ones. In one of them to select cards with useful food, and in another - with harmful. The team that quickly and correctly completed the task wins.

Then the thin and fat boys come out onto the stage.


-I start the morning with a shower, I charge afterwards,

And after exercise - breakfast,

I think this is the right day's schedule.


-I start the day with sweets,

Tastier and more pleasant than nothing.

Why should I spend my strength?

After all, I'm right, tell me, guys.


-Not right, you spoil the stomach,

For a long time I forgot the standards of beauty.

Your stomach is huge,

You should run day and night.


-I do not believe, you're all lying,

Are you without food, do you live?

You also love sweets,

Marmalade and sorbets?


-I, of course, I love them,

But I give myself sport.

But I like girls,

My words sound more sonorous.


-Okay, okay, I agree,

Your stance is really beautiful.

I'll start also in the morning,

Tighten, run and somersault.

The boys leave the stage, and the fat boy makes a wheel.


-On this our holiday comes to an end,

I hope you understand the point.

In a healthy body healthy mind!

Do not forget about it.

Now, "Good-bye", it's time for me to say it.

Until next time, my new friends.

scenario of the propaganda campaign for a healthy lifestyle

Such a scenario "Agit Brigade for a healthy lifestyle" can be used with confidence for school-age children. The meaning is easy and accessible to children of different classes.

Scenarios on "Healthy Lifestyle" for the youngest

If the performance is conducted in the walls of the kindergarten, then the plot can be taken next.


The first to enter the scene under a cheerful song comes out the presenter and says:

-I see, a lot of you have gathered here.

Perfectly, we begin the performance.

I wish you all important to understand,

In a healthy body, joy is a pursuit.

A clean and neat boy comes out, dirty and sloppy, and also fat with a loaf in his mouth.


-I got up early today,

Exercises began.

He went to the shower,

Then he ate,

Oh, guys, how many things!


-And I went to bed yesterday,

To not wear it today.

Mom in the morning, the truth, scolded,

After all, she only washed the bed.

And on the way to the kindergarten I ate a loaf,

That's what I did for myself.


I went to bed early, because I was exhausted.

I watched the TV,

Stocks from under the bed ate.

I had a biscuit, a candy wrap and a jar of jam.

Then my mother suddenly called out to dinner,

But I did not refuse such things.

I ate and slept,

I spent a lot of energy for a day.


-Very strange, very marvelous,

Who on the scene can be seen?

Guys, let's vote,

How is it better to start your day?

I'm sure you'll understand,

The first boy is the best,

He leads a healthy lifestyle.

He is expected honor and success.

The second boy is unlikely to wait for praise.

Rumpled, unwashed and with a bun in his hands.

And the third one eats so much,

What in the future will not pass in the doorway.

Draw conclusions and decide for yourself,

What daughters, sons

Pleasure your mom.

On this our holiday is coming to an end,

I wish you good health, kids.

And it's time for us to leave,

To give other advice.

competition of agit brigades for a healthy lifestyle scenario

Such a scenario "Agit Brigade for a healthy imagelife "can be taken into account for presentation to the smallest viewers.The crumbs will not last long on the spot, which is why a short scenario about a healthy lifestyle is an ideal solution.

Scenario "Healthy lifestyle" for people of retirement age

Older people look with pleasurerepresentations based on amateur performance. These people will be appreciated if they receive a regional propaganda team before them. "Healthy lifestyle" (scenario) can be represented as follows:



"You are here today,

Because we rushed.

We will cheer you up,

Useful knowledge for all to give.

Listen carefully, women, men,

So that in life there would be no sorrows, no wretchedness.

There are two actresses disguised as grandfathers.


"I have a good day today,

In the morning I went for a loaf.

And then I went to the bench in the park, I,

I decided to add myself the strength.


- I have a little bit different.

I barely got up from the sofa in the morning,

I wanted so much to lie around,

I remotely switched channels.

And now my back hurts,

My legs ache, there is no power in my hands.

In the mirror, I looked at myself,

The lazy person did not recognize in his own pants.


"I used to see it like that, too."

And then he said to himself: "Well, I quickly got up."

Movement is life,

Always do the exercises.

Try to walk more,

Then you will be healthy to live.


"Oh, you must be right,

There are gunpowder still in the flasks.

So you need to walk,

More time to spend more.


- A healthy lifestyle will help to become stronger,

Then forget about age and will be like butterflies flutter.

district agitation brigade healthy lifestyle script

Such a speech will help older people understand how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle and move without stopping.

Scenario of the propaganda team "Our choice is a healthy way of life" in songs and poems

The presentation should be bright and pass onone breath. Even the most interesting scenarios of the propaganda team "For a healthy lifestyle" are much better perceived in poetic and song form. This helps make the performance unforgettable and emotional.

What to focus on when choosing a scenario

Of course, first of all it is important to choose the main idea. In this case, it will be easier to think through the scenario. For the performance to be full of impression and mood, it should be:

  • Completely immerse in each of the roles.
  • It's right to choose the actors who will best convey the essence.
  • Make a bet on emotions and the public, then the concert will turn out to be bright and multifaceted.

These factors are important for the full immersion of viewers in the atmosphere of the event.

How to interest different people in the performance

Of course, the main motivation is knowledgesomething new. If the participants of the propaganda team have the opportunity, it is possible for each viewer to present a symbolic gift, which is made by themselves. The souvenir will always remind you of the important, that to live healthy in itself, and to live healthy is even better.

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