A small guitar is a convenient instrument

Every music lover and musician has ever seenlittle guitars - ukulele. Many ignorant people are sure that ukulele is just a miniature children's guitar made to be a toy. In fact, it's not like that at all.

little guitar

Ukulele enjoys success in the music world. Many famous guitarists used ukulele in recording their songs. The clearest example is the ex-Beatle George Harrison, who played on the ukulele no worse than on a standard big guitar.

So what is ukulele? Such a strange name is a small traditional Hawaiian guitar, with live accompaniment which danced all those travelers who at least once visited Honolulu.

This instrument has only four strings, so it's as easy to learn the game on it as to learn how to play the Russian balalaika.

Stand ukulele, as you might guess, a little. An excellent copy will cost 5 thousand rubles. If you need a small guitar just to pobrenchat, then you can buy a cheaper model. The sound quality depends on the guitarist's skill, not on the price of the product.

little guitars

Uhkulele always needs a strong and reliable cover. This small tool is very fragile. Therefore, the ideal option is to buy a hard case that will perfectly fit the shape of your new ukulele.

Master classes of the game on the classical guitar are,as a rule, considerable money. If you have a small guitar, then you can generally forget about paid courses. The popularity of ukulele in Russia is still very low, so many game masters on this guitar conduct their lessons openly and absolutely free of charge, which can not but please everyone who wants to learn to play on this beautiful representative of the family of plucked.

There is even a possibility that you will be given a guitarfor rent. This practice is in many training centers on the game on ukulele. You in this case do not have to spend money, which, by the way, greatly simplifies the task. After training, you can already make a decision - you need your own little guitar for further playing music, or quite enough for the one that was leased.


Ukulele became in the last century a real discoveryfor the musical world. As mentioned earlier, many musicians began to master this unusual instrument. Ukulele helped to give their songs of light plaque Hawaiian motifs and season rock songs with sauce of folk music, which so many authors lacked.

A small guitar ukulele, which is most important,is not only suitable for playing on stage, but will help brighten a gray autumn evening. Guitarists who know how to play on ukulele, now also in demand. Many townspeople were fed up with harmonists playing on the streets for money. A person with a ukulele can cause passers-by genuine interest both in the form of his musical instrument and in his "vocal" data, for the sound of the ukulele is as soft and enveloping as the warm air of the beaches of the distant Hawaiian Islands, which will never leave indifferent, who will ever step on their sands.

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