Telefunken televisions: customer reviews

Who does not want to buy for a little moneya TV of a well-known brand, which also performs a number of additional functions, including can work as a computer and allow you to watch video? Now there is such an opportunity. Televisions of the brand "Telefunken" are produced in Russia.

Brand History

The brand "Telefunken" is German. An industrial company with this name has been operating on the market for more than a hundred years, since the beginning of the last century. Its first name was the extension "The Society of Wireless Telegraph". During this time, she became known as a manufacturer of high-quality radio and television equipment, experienced many transformations, was a part of various companies. But the name of the brand has survived. Now the company has partners in 120 countries, including America and Asia. Produces, in addition to various industrial equipment, household appliances: LCD TVs, telephones, DVRs.

telefunken reviews

Televisions "Telefunken" are now manufactured in Russia, in the Kaliningrad region. This explains their relatively low price.

Model LED32S20T2 "R"

Buyers like the quality of sound and images of the TV LED32S20T2 "R".

Reviews on the TV "Telefunken" from someusers indicate a bad sound and the fact that the channels switch for a long time. Others say that the channels are switched with a delay of half a second, like all plasma TVs.

televisions are telefunken

In this case, buyers claim that with the help ofremote control easily find the right channel. They like that he has a little weight. For some users, it even seems suspiciously easy. And without exception, everyone is satisfied with the price of the TV.

I like the fact that the legs of the TV have rubberized tabs. Therefore, it is stable, firmly on a level surface.

Model TF-LED32S38T2 "R"

Also positively evaluate the customers model TV TF-LED32S38T2 "R", with a diagonal of 31.5 inches. They note that this is a budgetary model of the Russian production of "Telefunken".

The reviews emphasize that this is a technical toolperforms not only its direct functions, but also the role of the subject of the interior. This is facilitated by the elegant white body of the TV. The thin frame makes the HD REALU image visually wider. And the advantage of the model users consider a powerful audio system. It consists of two 5 W speakers integrated in the common housing.

TV sets manufacturer and reviews

The buyers and the presence of a largethe number of functions - both basic and additional. For example, timers on, off and sleep, teletext. The power supply integrated in the housing allows you to save electricity. In the operating mode, it consumes 45 watts, in standby mode it is only 0.5 watts.

Model LED32S47T2 «R»

Model LED32S47T2 "R" black color acceptssignal even outside the city, in the zone of a weak signal. At the same time, the quality of digital TV reception is good. At TV "Telefunken", about which we provided in our article, the image, according to buyers, corresponds to the price. A large number of adjustments allows you to achieve a high-quality image.

Buyers claim that image qualitywhen using a DVD-player is excellent. Disadvantage, they consider the high contrast set by default. As a result, small parts are not sufficiently developed. But this is a common disadvantage of LCD TVs.

Sound without the use of speakers is somewhat distorted,But connecting the speakers from the computer significantly improves its quality. From this, users conclude that the model was designed initially as a monitor, and then created a TV on its basis, so there is some inconsistency in the settings. And some users note the quiet, almost indistinguishable sound of the TV. But not for all this will seem an insoluble problem. The buyer, who knows how to use the numerous settings, it is easy to adjust all the parameters.

The price of the TV set is about 11 thousand rubles.

Model TF-LED32S39T2S

Model TF-LED32S39T2S is created on the operating roomsystem "Android". So, there is a possibility of connecting the Internet to the TV "Telefunken" 32 inches. Customer reviews say they can do it with Wi-Fi. It is possible to use the LAN port. They are also equipped with a TV "Telefunken".

telefunken 32 inches reviews

Reviews emphasize that with high qualitythe model has a relatively low price. It is possible to use different modes from the list provided in the shortcut menu. For example, watch videos, listen to music, use different applications. This is what TV consumers like "Telefunken" for 32 inches.

Reviews say that it is possible to see the entire screen without blackout from any angle.

Like users and the fact that in addition to the remoteremote control included in the package, you can use the smartphone to control the TV. It is only necessary to install applications on it, using "Google Play" or the App Store.

But can television work like a computer?"Telefunken"? Customer testimonials confirm that you can connect a computer mouse and keyboard to the TV via a USB port (only 2 of them). And given that it can work in a monitor format, the TV at the right time can completely replace the computer.

The TV makes it possible to play throughUSB-ports multimedia files with different video and audio codecs. It has 2 HDMI connectors, it has a built-in tuner. The device can store 100 settings of analog and 510 digital channels.

The TV can be installed both on the desk and on the wall. In the latter case, you only need to buy a mount for the VESA standard, since the weight of the TV is only 5 kg.

Model TF-LED42S48T2 "R"

There are also more expensive models. These include the TF-LED42S48T2 "R" TV set, with a diagonal of 42 inches, a brightness of 290 cd / m², an integrated DVB-T tuner, DVB-T2 DVB-C, and a multimedia USB connector. Approximately, 18 thousand rubles. - this is the price of the TV named "Telefunken". Customer feedback highly appreciates the functionality of this device. Automatic search allows you to quickly find all the necessary channels and save settings.

 tv telefunken reviews

If the TV is mounted on the wall high from the eye level, this does not interfere with the viewing of the broadcasts. The viewing angle is large and provides a high-quality image.

On the back side there is a connector for the antenna, speakers, control panel, replacing the console (or, rather, the panel replaces the control panel).

I like that the instruction in English and Russian is included with the TV set. A list of authorized service centers located in Russia and Ukraine is also attached.

Model TF-LED32S43T2

The model of TV TF-LED32S43T2 goes to the marketwith a diagonal of 31.5 inches, which is 80 cm. It is equipped with many functions, like all TVs "Telefunken". Producer (and reviews of ordinary customers join it) notes that the model has all the necessary inputs for working in digital format, USB port, video input for the computer. There are three HDMI connectors. They make it possible to use the TV as a monitor, to connect other media and equipment. It is possible to connect headphones. The TV supports all major information formats.

TV telefonen reviews on 32 inches

For high-quality reception of analog, terrestrial and cable signal, there is a tuner. The model features a modern thin body, an original shape of the leg, a thin frame.

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