"Helavit S" (for dogs): instructions for use, features and efficiency

"Helavit S" - fodder additive for dogs and cats. This vitamin-mineral complex provides the animal with a daily requirement for the most important microelements. It is often prescribed to pets with metabolic disorders. In addition to the drops for addition to the feed is also available as a solution for injection.


helavite with for dogs instruction

The drug is prescribed for iron deficiency anemia, as well as for the prevention of white muscle and metabolic disorders.

"Helavit C" promotes the normalization of metabolism, which leads to increased immunity to various dermatitis, infectious diseases and other pathologies associated with skin.

Structure of the preparation

"Helavit C" for dogs, the instruction to which will be presented below, includes the following trace elements:

  • manganese;
  • iron;
  • cobalt;
  • zinc;
  • copper;
  • iodine;
  • selenium.

These substances are dissolved in a special liquid, which contributes to their effective and rapid assimilation.

The preparation is available in the form of an aqueous solution withoutodor of dark brown color, which is packed into polymer bottles in volume of 40 or 70 ml. Then the bottles are packed in carton packs, where the manufacturing date and expiry date are indicated.

Pharmacological properties

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"Helavit C" for dogs (the instruction for this is straightindicates) is designed to eliminate micronutrient deficiencies, stimulate erythropoiesis, normalize metabolism, increase immunity, prevent hair sections in animals, and regulate metabolic processes in general.

This effect is due tomicroelements of chelates with low toxicity and high activity, which regulate metabolic processes. In addition to the above, the drug also enhances resistance to stress and increased stress, improves the progeny of vitality, enhances the growth and development of the pet.


They give the animals mixing with the feed "Helavit". Instructions for use for dogs contain instructions for dosage (see table).

Animal Complex

With stress and improper feeding

During the recovery period

Large breeds

1 ml

4.5 ml

Middle breeds

0.5 ml

2 ml

Small breeds

0.2 ml

0.8 ml

"Helavit" can be combined with other medicinal substances and food additives.

Storage conditions

It is recommended to store "Helavit" in a dark place withminimum humidity level. It should be ensured that children and pets can not reach the drug. Temperature limits: - 20 ... +3 degrees Celsius. If these conditions are met, "Helavit" will be good for 3 years.

"Helavit" for injections

Also, the drug is available as a solution for injections of green-brown color. In addition to the above components, the composition also includes water for injection and benzyl alcohol.

Also has another form of the release "Helavit"(injection instructions for use recommend in particularly severe cases, see below for indications) - injection. A glass vial (10 or 100 ml), closed with a rubber stopper and an aluminum cap, is placed in cardboard packs. If the volume of the bottle is 10 ml, then 12 bottles are placed in one package.

The preparation is closed for 3 years. After the opening, "Helavit" should be used for 30 days, then the expiry date expires.

helavite user's guide for dogs

"Helavit C" for dogs: instruction on the use of a solution for injections

"Helavit" is appointed by a veterinarian for the treatment and prevention of abnormalities in animal metabolism, together with drugs of symptomatic therapy for such diseases:

  • different types of anemia;
  • microelementosis;
  • hypothyroidism;
  • blood loss;
  • stress;
  • parasitic and infectious ailments;
  • allergic reactions;
  • liver disease;
  • various skin diseases;
  • demodecosis.

In addition, the drug is prescribed in preparation for operations and during the recovery from them. And also in cases of exhaustion or heavy physical exertion.

helavite with fodder additive for dogs and cats

Is prescribed by a course of 7-15 days treatmentpreparation "Helavit C" for dogs. The instruction also contains instructions for dosage. So, the medicine is administered to dogs at the rate of 0.05 to 0.1 ml (depending on the recommendations of the veterinarian) per kilogram of the weight of the pet. For preventive purposes, the drug is administered for 2 weeks 2-3 times a week.

Side effects of "Helavita" as a result ofno studies were found. As for the overdose, its chance is extremely small because of the low toxicity of the drug, it can occur only if the dose is exceeded 50 times. Symptoms of overdose are oppression, failure of water and food.

It is prohibited to use "Helavit" together with preparations containing iron and other trace elements.

Personal precautions

Using the drug, you must observe simplehygienic rules, and do not forget about safety. Wash hands before and after the injection. Carefully handle the needle from the syringe and the glass bottle.

If you use a feed supplement, keep it away from other foods. And also do not forget to wash your hands after use.

If the substance gets on the mucous membrane or skin, rinse it immediately with running water. Use of antidotes and additional protection is not required.


chelation injection instructions for use

"Helavit S" collected a lot of positivereviews of dog owners and not only. The drug really works. After application, the mood is improved, the activity is increased, the coat becomes shiny, silky and the animal fades less. Positive effect is also observed during the recovery of pets after serious illnesses. Among the advantages of the special emphasis is that the drug can be given to dogs of small breeds, as well as to puppies. Pleasantly happy and low price of the drug.

Among the minuses is an inconvenient dispenser,a small package (for large dogs for a long time is not enough). Not all pets agree to eat food flavored with an additive. As for the effectiveness of the drug, in this respect, claims of animal owners do not arise.

Thus, we thoroughly examined the preparation "Helavit C" for dogs. Instructions, reviews of pet owners and a description of the medicinal product give comprehensive information about the preparation.

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