How to clean a carpet at home

The carpet is still one of the favoritedecor items in the interior. With carpets, the room looks warmer and cozy. But at the same time, these products are fine dust collectors, so they need to be cleaned periodically. Using a vacuum cleaner you can get rid of excess dust that accumulates in the pile of the carpet. In addition, at least once a year, it is recommended to carpet the carpet on the street. But do not do this by hanging the product on a pipe, rope or fence: if you knock it out this way, the rug will eventually collapse and become unusable. Therefore, our grandmothers did the right thing, who knew how to clean the carpet with the help of snow. This is an ideal option - roll it on the snow with a pile down and "walk" through it with a cracker.

Unfortunately, in modern conditions, not alwaysthere is time and opportunity to conduct such manipulations. In addition, snow does not always manage to clean the spots formed on the carpet as a result of falling fat food on it or walking along it with dogs with dirty paws. Dry-cleaners also do not get their hands on. So here we will share the secrets of how to clean the carpet at home.

For example, to return bright colors to a producthelp the salt water with the addition of a small amount of citric acid. This solution is applied to the brush, which cleans the carpet. But remember, you can not clean this product against nap. How to clean the carpet in another way? Another method is: put in a bucket of warm water and dissolve in it two tablespoons of conventional detergent and one - ammonia. Wet a rag or a soft brush in the solution and wipe the carpet with it, after which wipe the product with a dry rag. Try to keep it clean. After the carpet has dried, you can use it.

And here is another old way how to clean the carpet: you need to take ordinary tea, brewed 3-4 times. If the tea leaves have dried up, they need to be moistened with water. These most wet tea leaves are scattered all over the carpet and leave for a while, so that they collect all the dirt on themselves and detain the dust, not letting it go up. After that, the usual broom sweeps the tea off the rug well and enjoys a clean and again bright, fluffy product.

And here's how to clean the carpet from old spots. To do this, you will need to prepare a mixture of soap and gasoline. It is prepared as follows: in a small amount of water, dissolve 10 parts of soap and add one part of the gasoline. If necessary, this emulsion can be slightly diluted with water. It is rubbed into dirty areas. The usual fat stain is well removed with pure gasoline or a mixture in equal proportions of water and ammonia.

If you have a carpet on the floor, behind itrequires more cautious care than for ordinary carpets. Whether it will be dry or damp depends on the basis on which the carpet is based. If it is made from natural jute or glutinous, then only dry cleaning is used: a broom, a brush, a vacuum cleaner. If the base is latex-based, foamed rubber or synthetic jute, then it can be cleaned in a damp way, including using a washing vacuum cleaner. However, excessive wetting of the pile should still be avoided so as not to spoil the product.

If you do not want to risk, then you can helponly carpet cleaning. You can call a dry cleaner at the house, and they will professionally clean up any carpet product you specify. In addition, you can clean not only the carpet or carpet, but also upholstered furniture, blinds, curtains, car interior, etc. In addition, with the help of professional tools you can remove not only dust and dirt, but also many different bacteria, insects with their larvae and other "evil spirits," the presence of which you may not even suspect.

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