"Haggis Classic" - the choice of caring parents

With the birth of a child,more. To facilitate the life of young parents, there are disposable diapers. They provide a quiet sleep and comfortable leisure for the kid. At the same time, "Haggis Classic" frees Mom from excess washing and ironing. And this means that she can spend more time with her baby.

Many parents prefer the diapers "Haggis", because they have quite an acceptable ratio of price and quality.

Types of Huggies Diapers

haggis classic

If you decide to stop your choice on the products of this company, it is worthwhile to sort out the assortment and choose the most acceptable option.

  • Haggis Classic. You can say that these budget diapers are inexpensive, despite the good quality. The product is capable of retaining moisture for 12 hours. A special belt protects against leaks at the back.
  • "Haggis Ultra Comfort". A distinctive feature is the anatomical shape, which provides maximum comfort. In such diapers the baby does not face irritation and intertrigo.
  • Haggis Premier. These products are distinguished by the presence of a pocket for liquid stools at the back. Also diapers have a special indicator, with which you can easily determine that the baby has time to change.
  • Haggis Elite Soft. They really can be called elite. Soft, comfortable diapers have a cutout for the navel and a fill indicator. Perhaps, this is the most expensive series from the brand Huggies.

This is not the whole range, but only the most popular types of domestic consumers.

More on "Haggis Classic"

haggis classic reviews

Very often these diapers are calledeconomy-option, because they are quite affordable. Despite this, their quality quite satisfies the buyers. The product has everything necessary for the comfort of the child.

  • "Haggis Classic" has a special block-gel,which is capable of retaining moisture up to 12 hours. Of course, you need to change your child more often, but nevertheless, in an emergency situation, when there is no such possibility, you can be calm - the baby will remain dry.
  • Elastic soft cuffs protect against leakage around the legs.
  • The inner surface is made of breathable material, which eliminates diaper rash and irritation.
  • Belt well stretches and protects from leaks on the back.
  • Fasteners securely fix the diaper "Haggis Classic". Parents' reviews indicate that if necessary, stickies can be quilted, and they continue to hold on as well.
  • A bright and charming drawing attracts the attention of the kids.
  • Many parents are attracted to the "Haggis Classic" price. So, packing of diapers for 18 pieces for the smallest ones can be purchased for 150 rubles.

    haggis classic 4

How to choose the size

To ensure that the diapers fit well and reliably fulfill their function, it is necessary to choose the right size.

2 are diapers for the youngest, and they are designed for newborns weighing up to 6 kg.

3 - products for children from 4 to 9 kg.

4 - suitable for children with a weight of 7-18 kg.

5 - are calculated on weight from 11 up to 25 kg.

Knowing the weight of your crumbs, you can determine,diapers with which figure fit him. Do not buy several packages at once to have a stock. Children grow very fast, for example, you use a size of 3, and in a month they will become small, and you may need "Haggis Classic" 4.

Parents' comments

Diapers "Haggis" are in great demand, andthis is due not only to the attractive price. Many parents purchase such a product at the time of giving birth to a child "on trial". For someone, this brand becomes a real helper, and someone is looking for other options.

haggis classic price

Some parents, using diapers "HaggisClassic ", the reviews are not the best, as they mark the leaks. Before changing the brand, check if the size of your baby's weight matches. Also it is worth paying attention to whether the cuff, which should gently surround the legs, does not bend.

Sometimes parents complain of a child's diaper rash. This is not necessarily related to the quality of the products. Perhaps your baby has very sensitive skin. This means that you need to change it more often, arrange crumbs for air baths and use powder or a special cream for diapers.

If your child in these diapers is fast asleep and does not experience discomfort during wakefulness, you can safely use hygiene products from "Haggis".

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