Names of men's hats. How to understand?

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name of men's hats
A modern man with a hat practicallyis impossible. As a rule, these elegant attributes are preferred to put on by creative people who are confident in themselves and their appearance. However, properly selected headgear can significantly change the image of any man. True, the names of men's hats sometimes are so unexpected that it's difficult to understand even their etymology.

Felt - traditions and modernity

Probably, felt hats are known to all. The material itself is made

names of men's hats
from several types of wool: for example, quality hats are made from rabbit or beaver down. More exotic models can be sewn, for example, from the red New Zealand deer wool.

Felt hat is a classic option,which will give solidity to any man. The main thing - to choose the right accessories: a coat, a jacket, leather shoes. Few people know that such names of men's hats, as a flogging, bowler or fedora, are given just to felt headdresses. It seems that many people first heard these names right now.

kinds of title hats

Understand the types

Not every man has heard at least somethe above-mentioned names of men's hats. But such varieties as a cylinder or a bowler are known to most of us. It is the cylinder that is the most formal hat, today this model is found only at royal receptions or wedding celebrations in aristocratic circles. By the way, the cylinders are made of satin or silk.


Favorite headgear in England, especiallybank employees, was a hat-bowler, or derby. Now they look old-fashioned. More originally, this is the name for men's hats, like the hamburg. This is a serious attribute of clothing, which has a tulle with a dent on top, curved up fields, trimmed with ribbon. This model is best worn with a business suit.


The most popular headdress is Fedor. True, her gangsters were worn in America. Outwardly it is a classic hat with long fields, on top of it are two dents and a ribbon. Its main feature is its versatility, since it can be worn both at an official event and at a fashionable get-together. Elasticity allows you to give Fedor any shape. There are names of men's hats that impress with their amazing sound. For example, a trilby is a kind of fedora that has shorter fields elevated from behind. It is more hooligan than solid, so in the store it can be found next to the shelves with sports shoes.


Creative people, especially musicians and artists,always appreciated a hat like a porkpai. It looks like a pie, has a round tulle and differs in a gorgeous look. And you can wear it with a suit or with a coat.

Any man who appreciates such attributesclothes, it is worth remembering that it is not enough to know the types of hats, names, shapes, features of cut. After all, the harmony of the image depends on how much all the details in it are combined. In addition, a hat is an attribute that you need to be able to wear. For example, someone goes, when she is put on a feather, and someone will have to move it to the back of the head or to the forehead to give the person some expression. It is noteworthy that the hat goes to any man, the main thing is to choose the right style.

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