Unforgettable wedding ceremony

Wedding is a responsible step in everyone's liferights. Some went to her for a very long time, carefully checking their attitudes and feelings, while others decided to officially register a few months after the start of the relationship. But the future couple is bound by the newlyweds - they all have a wedding ceremony. It can take place in different ways. It can be just a painting in the registry office with a minimum of guests or a luxurious wedding with a beautiful white dress, a limousine and a chic dinner.

wedding ceremony
How to organize your happiest day inlife, newlyweds decide for themselves. To date, there are even firms that specialize in organizing weddings. There are certain traditions of celebration. So, for example, before the immediate ceremony in the registry office, the groom should "redeem the bride" from the parental home. In this he is helped by a witness and guests by the groom. And to give the bride take a witness with assistants. After the groom has given all the money, sweets, wine and champagne, the procession is sent to the place of official registration. Then the newlyweds go for a drive by car. And the places where the newlyweds go are also determined by tradition. For example, some believe that a joint life will be long and happy if the bridegroom carries the bride in her arms through seven bridges, while others hang locks on certain places and throw away the keys from them ... There are a lot of customs, but any wedding ends necessarily with a feast. Depending on how the holiday is planned, the feast can be great, with a lot of guests, or young people can just sit quietly in the family circle. By the way, how many guests will include the wedding ceremony and who exactly should be present, the future spouses themselves determine.

wedding ceremony on bali
So usually there is a wedding in Russian citiesand villages. But the wedding ceremony in Bali has completely different customs. If you spend a holiday on this beautiful island, then the celebration will be remembered for a long time. Here you can play a bright wedding in the traditions of oriental culture, when gradually the whole procession passes from the conditions of civilization into a beautiful environment of wildlife. On the bride's head, instead of a veil, a luxurious wreath of flowers is put on, and all the guests are surrounded by a tropical forest. Wedding in Bali is a real holiday, which newlyweds simply have to remember for their entire married life.

wedding ceremony abroad
Therefore, if future spouses do not wantThe wedding ceremony was held in the traditional form, it is always possible to hold a celebration abroad. There are many beautiful places in the world where the wedding will be simply unforgettable. It could be Venice, Rome, Florence, Lake Como or another favorite place for newlyweds. Wedding ceremony abroad can be organized in a sparkling city or where it is easy to confuse the modern world and antiquity.

Whatever the wedding ceremony, it simply must be bright and unforgettable. And the positive emotions from the celebration should be preserved in the hearts of the spouses for the whole long family life.

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